Sunday, October 25, 2009

Marital Irony

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My wife has slept with more guys since being married than before, and that wasn't an insignificant, one-digit number either... In fact, the total that she'll admit to is about 20, which most of us understand for a woman is usually about half what the actual number is.

I don't remember how it came up in conversation but I told her that one of the women I'd been talking to is married. And guess what? She has a problem with me messing around with a married woman! Who'd a fuckin' thought??? She said it just seemed 'wrong' somehow. Yet her, a married woman, has never had an issue sleeping around on her husband, whether or not we considered ourselves still "married".

I mean, if there was one person in the world who I thought would appreciate the manipulative asshole I've become it would be my wife... Hell, I've learned more from her on the subject than anyone else on the planet. Where's the appreciation for a student who learns their lessons well? Gold star for Johnny and all that?

Usually I value her opinions, but in this case it was so ridiculous that I blew it off as soon as it processed through the "hypocritical/ironic" part of my brain, and continued to flirt with Nikky. The only thing that made me almost hesitant to flirt with her was the fact that she was not only married, she's married to a co-worker senior enough to get me into some serious troubles if he found out.

Up until last night there wasn't much he could have uncovered.

Ka-ching! Mark off the block on the Deviant List for Seduced-A-Married-Woman! As an added bonus, she's freakin' good too! I thought there weren't too many things a woman could do that would surprise me anymore, but boy, was I wrong. Being surprised by women twice in one day? I must be slipping...

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  1. Really no details? You don't kiss and tell? I was looking forward to hearing it. I'll have to keep reading.