Sunday, October 25, 2009

Setting It Up

First off, I'd like to say that, believe it or not, I used to be an incredibly moral/normal person. At what point exactly that part of my brain fried I don't know. After years of emotional, legal, physical, and financial abuse by every person and organization I came into contact with... I don't think one specific incident could be directly blamed for the changes, it's been more of a systematic breakdown, a rebirth into a lying, womanizing, don't-give-a-shit asshole.

It's been fun.

Logically it doesn't make any sense, Ghandi's "an eye for an eye..." and all that, like emotionally and physically abusing others won't improve my life or right wrongs done to me. I know all that but logic plays a small, small role in our lives and generally detrimental. This all feels... highly justified.

The Women:
Cat - The wife, married for seven years but it's devolved into a friends-with-benefits/roommate situation. We'd probably be divorced except for our daughter and unfortunate finances (caused almost entirely by the economic disaster that the country's in). She's hot, too hot, has attitude as long as her legs. She's a yoga instructor, so yeah... she's a high value commodity but not so much into fidelity.

Jenn - A very nice, wholesome, woman with a seven year old son and by far the largest breasts I've ever had the pleasure of playing with. She's recently moved here, broken up with her long time girlfriend, and is staying with friends, which means whenever we meet up we have to play horny-teenagers in the back seat of the car. Our schedules don't match up well so we only meet up once a week or so. She's a cool chick, fun in the backseat or the front, but possibly looking for more commitment than I'll ever offer.

Nikky - A cynical night-owl with a six year old son, is currently married to a co-worker much higher up the career ladder than me. I work nights and we send dirty text messages back and forth for hours while I'm at work and her hubby's asleep. I'm currently trying to convince her to cheat on her husband, which shouldn't be difficult if we ever get the opportunity but finding holes in our schedules that line up has been an issue. We've only met face-to-face once but we've been flirting for weeks.

Cat knows that I'm seeing other girls but doesn't want to know specifics (just like I don't want to know hers). Jenn and Nikky both know I'm married, separated, and living with my wife- but they don't know that I still sleep with her. I mean, we're two attractive adults, sleeping in the same bed and know exactly what the other person likes, of course we still have sex. In fact, we probably have sex more often than we did when we considered ourselves "married" because now it kind of feels dangerous, like we're cheating somehow. How messed up is that?


  1. Yes, messed up but since you both sound cool with it why the fuck not? I think I know someone who'd like to read your blog but at the moment I sort of want to keep you to myself (selfish I know), since you recently found my blog and are following me. I'm meeting up with him today, but only for coffee. We've done the dirty texts before (nice) but yeah I'm a bit unsure about sex with him or anyone else at the moment. [Long guilt-ridden story there].
    Anyway! I haven't read much but I do like your blog so far. Although I don't know what it says about me? And why you would want to read my stuff??? (I was SO pleased to see you there though, THANK YOU!) If anything I'm trying not to be a slut. Sigh!

  2. johnny, i think you and i share a similar philosophy. i also used to be a very moral, romantic person. now i find the adventure is much more worth the while than the pursuit of a perfect, permanent, love. check out my blog!

    boy, seasoned to taste