Friday, October 30, 2009

Two Two's For Thursday

I had a couple of intellectual/philosophical topics I was going to discuss today, but the day's events kind of took over. Most of my days follow a fairly predictable, laid-back schedule, and I hadn't dreamed that a regular Thursday might overshadow my upcoming Halloween (which has been looking better and better, one of the things I was going to originally discuss). It was a day of two's, good as well as incredibly bad.

I should have known the day would end badly when it started so wonderfully. The universe has a dramatic sense of balance, and a killer sense of humor. It is my fervent hope that someone out there derived enjoyment from watching me today (or at least in reading about it), struggling like a fish on a line against forces beyond my control.

There's always a climb before the fall.

Cat had had a long day and laid down for nap in bed with me. After about an hour or so she woke and was feeling very "friendly". I woke up with her hands in my boxers and it just got better from there... She needed it, I wanted it, and for the first time in a long time we weren't interrupted by knocking and a "Mom?... Mom?..."

So, it was with a whistled tune that I went to work yesterday night, a bounce in my step, not a care in the world. There was no work to do, I'd just had a great time at home, it was looking like a terrific end to the work week.

I'd had plans with Nikky the day before but the universe, lining up it's 'coincidences', managed to corrupt both our days so that meeting up was impossible. We'd decided that we'd maybe try for a 'lunch' that night or simply rest up for Halloween. At one a.m. she sent me a text saying that she was headed over, hungry. The night was just getting better and better...

We found a perfect little lunch spot nearby, the beach having proven to be a messy option. So far so good, right? A damn good day! There was no work to do, so for the first time with Nikky we weren't immediately rushed. We took our time, had a lot of fun, and I realized shortly after that this might ruin my Halloween goal of having two women in the same day. Cat and Nikky. I wasn't positive though, because technically it was after midnight with Nikky, thought it was the same 'day' by my sleeping schedule. I laughed to myself, plenty of time to debate it later.

Afterwards, I jokingly asked if it had been worth the half hour trip. She jokingly replied that it would be worth getting busted for. Cue the foreshadowing music.

We get back to her car, she looks at her phone that she purposefully left behind, and realized she'd missed seven calls from her husband. Shit. Fuck. He'd woken up, realized she wasn't there, and then noticed the car was gone...

Being a fairly typical woman, an extraordinarily good liar, she'd already had a story lined up though she hadn't thought she'd actually need to use it. Breathless, panting, in her husband's car, it wasn't as persuasive as it could have been, especially considering that she'd had to modify the story to explain not answering the phone. As she dropped me off at work, gunning the car to head home, she commented about how important it was to have a story lined up ahead of time. Cue the foreshadowing music again.

First I went to the bathroom, washed my face and hands, then back to work. I'd been gone for almost two hours. One of my coworkers, making a joke at my expense, commented that I was a little red and sweaty, had I been getting some? The dumbfounded look on my face gave it away completely. No story lined up, ready to roll off the tongue. Busted. Not that it was at all comparable to Nikky's situation, mostly they just laughed it up for a bit, but still... not only was it embarrassing, it's also potentially problematic if anyone figures out that I hadn't been going home to Cat for my extended 'lunches'.

Nikky was supposed to write me, depending on how well her story went over. I haven't heard from her at the time of this posting. If he figures out what was going on it's only a short step to check the phone bill and find my number all over it.

Shit. Fuck.

Two girls, two amazingly fun experiences, and two busts.

Halloween is tomorrow but I guess both the treats and the tricks are out early this year. More to follow...

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