Saturday, November 14, 2009

Celibacy is Stupid

Last night I was toying (very briefly) with the idea of giving up womanizing for a while because of the whole Nikky's-husband-finding-out-and-almost-coming-after-me thing. Nikky was a ton of fun, I reveled in her, but obviously the risks were pretty high as well. So I was sexually frustrated last night, bored, still queasy from the stress of the week, and thinking that as much fun as sex is it might be good for me to take a break for a while.

So not going to happen.

Apparently once that genie is out of the bottle he ain't going back in. Since I have Daddy-duty all weekend I've been spending a lot of time at the local play ground and today I kept catching myself mentally undressing the mother's there. Trying to keep up sexually with three different women has seemingly pumped up my libido to extreme levels.

Now, I can see Jenn maybe once a week, Nikky's off the table, and Cat has a new Boy-toy that has been taking care of her... I'm going to go completely insane if I don't find a new play thing soon.

Unfortunately, that's going to have to wait. I'm going on 'vacation' next week to visit with the family. I haven't been back home in years (for good reason) and am not particularly looking forward to it, especially now that my sex drive is maxed out and I'll be staying with my parents.

Sexually frustrated, staying with my parents... Great, I'm going to relive my teenage years.


  1. You never know. Is this a little too predictable but will you a) find some old flame back "home" or b) be back at it threefold, head spinning and limbs juggling to stay on top, underneath and from behind everything and everyone???

  2. I'm really hoping that I don't run into any old flames, I either left a bad taste in their mouth or they did in mine. Hell, I'm not even sure I'm going to tell anyone that I'm going home because I don't have the energy to politely decline to see any of them.

    A new flame though... maybe that's what I need, a nice little vacation fling. Hmmmm... Juggling friends, parents, and a new romance? That might be fun.

  3. I was thinking more the girl(s) that got away. A new old flame/fling kinda thing. Hmm.

  4. OK Mr. I'm in. But please don't fuck an ex... fuck an ex-teacher.


  5. Square Eyes, I'm not sure there are any actual old flames still around. However, that doesn't mean that I might not "remember" one if I run into an attractive classmate.

    Monique, that is a terrific suggestion. If only I could remember having a teacher that wouldn't be considered 'matronly'. Not that that is necessarily a disqualifying factor ;)

  6. Have a great time, whoever you get up to.

    I am not telling anybody next time I go home either! That's easier for me, as I live in another country now. ;-)