Saturday, November 14, 2009


Great. Alcohol and blogging. The fruit of the 21st century.

Sitting here by myself on a friday night, friday the 13th no less... drinking a bottle of win or two... or three? Lost damn count.

WTF? Why am I still awake? Why am I all by my lonesome? Why am I blogging with a BAC of a batting average? I don't even watch baseball.

I'm bored. I'm drunk. I'm wide awake despite all efforts to the contrary. I can still spell 'contrary' thanks to spell-check.

Hulu is a drunk man's best friend, fuck the dog. I've been watching Sons of Anarchy all night and now I really, really want a motorcycle. And a biker club. I wish we lived in a time when they were as glorious as they are on TV.

Gotta love not remembering writing this tomorrow. I'm going to look at this and say "WTF? I wrote that?"

Three bottles of wine on the wall, three bottles of wine... take one down, pass it to me... two bottles of wine on the wall.

On nights like this, doesn't it always seem like everyone but you is getting laid? It's never fair. We always seem to get laid when we don't care if we do, but if you are bored and lonely than the option never comes up. What's up with that? Who designed this f'n system?

My head will be pounding in the morning.


  1. sadly, i wasn't getting laid last night either. was 'drunk' on cold medicine and nursing those sick symptoms again today. can we wallow together?

  2. Absolutely. I'd love to wallow together, as long as wallowing includes a lot of water and asprin. Ugh...

  3. Finally a man who likes wine! :-) Take it easy baby.