Monday, November 2, 2009

Journey Through Jenn

Anybody who's been following this blog must have realized that I haven't talked about Jenn much. I mention her here and there but haven't really posted about her. For the most part that's because our schedules have both been really messed up (If Nikky hadn't been willing to come visit me at work, I probably wouldn't have seen her either, my schedule's been so bad) so I haven't seen her since I started this blog.

She's also a little worried that she's getting addicted to me and therefore trying to distance herself between our dates. She knows that I won't change my situation for her and so she's trying not to get too attached.

In honor of Jenn, and my miserable Halloween, I've decided to write a bit of an erotic story about our last date. It'll make me feel a little better, it'll bring her into the blog, and it'll liven things up a little bit since my Halloween night was a bit of a drag. I don't typically write things like this, I tend to take a more Hitchcock-ian perspective, the less graphic the more the viewer imagines themselves. Sometimes, however, it can be fun to get a little down and dirty.

"Our Movie Date"
It was a Saturday night a couple of weeks ago. Jenn had to be up early the next morning so we picked out an evening movie showing, both agreeing to make this a short date so she could get some sleep.

She'd been at a work party and skipped out to see me. I hadn't realized this until I showed up and she was still in a skimpy black dress, both cut too low and too high at the same time. It showed a lot of skin, just the way I like it.

We sat down in the theater, my hands already tracing patterns on her thigh... I didn't know if I was going to make it through an entire movie with her sitting next to me. I wasn't sure I had the self-control.

Just before the movie started, and just before my fingers went too high between her legs, another couple sat down a seat behind us.

Well, that didn't need to end the fun, did it? The lights dimmed. I propped one leg over the other to slightly block their line of view and let my fingers begin to wander again. Up the leg slowly, gently, sliding under her dress. She's hesitant at first, she keeps glancing back at the couple. Their eyes never leave the screen and she starts to relax a little.

Some things happened on the screen, people laughed, neither of us paid it any attention.

A little higher up her leg. I could feel the lace of her panties. She let her legs drift slightly apart. I slid one finger under the edge of the lace near her hip and gently traced little circles on her skin. Her breath catches.

We notice an usher with a flashlight walking up the stairs. I remove my hand to her thigh and she straightens out her dress a little. He checks a chart on his clipboard, looks around for a moment, then turns and walks back to the exit. A second later I'm rubbing her clit through the lace.

I can tell she's thoroughly enjoying the little game, her eyes are half closed and she shifts her hips towards the edge of the seat for a better angle. I push her panties to the side and slowly trace the outline of her wet pussy. With a finger I split the lips and drift up and down.

Two minutes later we run out of the movie to my car. The parking lot had been packed when we showed up, I'd had to park in the back. Now it was dark and mostly empty.

I push her up against the side of the car and kiss her hard, my hands already pulling up her dress. I find the edge of her panties and pull them down. I get to my knees and she steps out of them. Dress still pulled up, a cool breeze blowing across her skin, she can feel my erection through my pants pressing between her legs. We make out for a few more moments before climbing into the backseat of the car.

She yanks down my pants and straddles me. She rocks against me for only a few seconds before cumming hard, I have to put a hand over her mouth to try and block some of the yells.

A second later, her breath still quivering, she starts to move again, more slowly. She's regained a little control, her moans barely audible each time she thrusts forward. I grab her ass, force myself deeper inside, and guide her.

Every time she starts to speed up I force her to slow down. I can tell it's driving her crazy. I pull down the top of her dress and start sucking on her nipples. Her moans get louder and she starts to speed her hips again. I force her to slow down.

Finally she can't take it any more, her thighs quiver against me, she plants her face in my neck to try and keep herself quiet. I begin to thrust up and she has to bite down to keep from screaming. I move deeper and faster, I can tell she's ready to cum again.

I grab her hair and pull up her head, she cries out. Then she screams and she starts cumming against me, shaking. Just when her body starts to calm again, I arch my back and thrust up as hard as I can, lifting us off the seat as I cum inside her. She screams again.

We collapse against each other, sweaty, spent. A minute later she checks my watch and we're doing well on time, the movie hasn't even gotten out yet. We decide to head back to her place for a little while.

But that is a story for another time. Sorry Frances, you'll just have to keep reading. ;)

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  1. Oooohhh...tsk tsk. you sure know how to keep a girl in suspense. :-) That's a hot story! Phew. I need a min. Got me thinking of Daniel and I's first date. sex. Can't wait to read the next installment!