Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Morning After (Tuesday Pt 3)

So Nikky got totally busted. She left some emails open or something and the husband found them. Those might have been explained away, nothing too bad, but the pics were a little more incriminating. And that's bad for both of us.

You see, yesterday is the first day I slipped a little. I love getting and taking pics but I'm always very careful not to include anything too identifiable. Yesterday, taking a picture of her sucking my... you know, the tattoo on my side is clearly visible. It was a hot picture so I didn't immediately delete it. Apparently she sent the pics to her secret email account at home... then accidentally left it logged in. Her husband went to the site to use his account and it automatically logged into hers.

Emails from me, no big deal. Emails from me and a picture with one of my tattoos showing, a little harder to talk my way out of. Have I mentioned that he's pretty high up the corporate ladder in the company I work for? And we sign a kind of 'morality' agreement when he get our contract...

He's apparently freaking out pretty bad. I've been there, so I can kind of understand. However, he's basically using this as leverage to put her 'in her place', which seems really wrong. His pigeon-holing her is a large part of what led her to me in the first place but now instead of him having to work on his behavior he's going to justify it by this infraction.

I've tried to advise her on how she should use this as a catalyst to improve her marriage (somewhat ironic, don't you think?), show him that he played as much a role in this as anyone did, but she's so terrified of him that I'm not sure if it helped. And I can't very well push any issues, now can I? He has both of us over a barrel and is probably laughing his ass off behind closed doors.

Granted, he doesn't know exactly who I am, but it wouldn't take too much effort to figure it out. I'm not sure exactly how this will all play out but rest assured I'll probably be writing all about it.


  1. Yes, people are so intent on playing victim sometimes, and not owing up to their part in it all. I'm talking about her husband here.
    This one is close to my heart. I didn't get found out, per se, at least not that I had fucked the guy, but.. My husband couldn't own that perhaps his own behaviour had a part to play in what I did!

    We're grown ups, and therefore all responsible. Nobody wants to feel that, and blame is such an easy way out.

  2. Exactly. It's always easier to blame anything/anyone else than it is to actually look objectively at your own behavior.

    The most ironic part of all this is that half of my relationship with Nikky was advice on her marriage.