Thursday, November 26, 2009

Pre-Turkey Day

Cat and I are such weird people. We've been playing 'happy couple' for several days now (my parents, though less square than I give them credit for are pretty traditional and don't know about our half-ass separation) and it's been interesting. We flirt, we're touching constantly, we pass jokes back and forth like a tennis ball, and finish each other's sentences.

Part of it is amusing because we haven't spent any real time together in years, so part of the happy, almost-newly-wed image we put out is genuine. We're having fun together for the first time in a long time simply because we are actually spending the time together, no work, no weird shifts, no boyfriends/girlfriends.

But part of this is kind of sad too, because we know it's only going to be like this for a little bit longer. We're going back in a week and we'll be back to all the stress, the bf/gfs, the complications.

In two week increments we make a terrific married couple. Of course, the sex has been great too. Any longer than two weeks and she'll start to go nuts, which will drive me nuts.

Both Cat and I are like coins, with a 'good' side and a 'naughty' side. We both want the happy married life, good finances, retirement plans, kids, and all the pleasures that come with a straight, inside-the-box, life. But we also want to at least try everything else too. We want the illicit evenings, dirty, fun, breaking rules, bending boundaries...

You really can't have both but at least in this situation Cat and I are reading from the same book if not on exactly the same page. We have one foot in each world, which is not nearly as convenient as it sounds because they end up canceling each other out half the time. You can see both sides of the road but can't really pick a direction.

This has been a fun diversion but it's drawing to a close, one of Cat's ex-flings is driving into town this week specifically to see her and he's too much of an asshole for her to resist him long. It's too bad, that kind of kills the rest of the trip for me. Even if she insists that she didn't sleep with him (like she insisted the last time), I won't believe her and then the rest of the trip will be weird, we'll go home with a weird taste in our mouth, and we'll go back to our weird lives.

We're weird people, but for the most part it still works out Ok.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.


  1. ugh. i'm not looking forward to playing 'happy couple' here in a few hours. it's so easy and yet so fake (at least for me.) sounds complicated for you but that you are managing well. how much longer do you think you'll last with each of you having a foot in both worlds? we're going on...2 years. i'm not sure my sanity will last much longer. good luck to you!

  2. Lol, there's good days and bad days but we've basically been doing the separated thing for almost three years. The difference is that most of that time we weren't living together. She moved here a couple months ago so I could be with our daughter (and gave up a lot to do it), so this is still kind of a new thing for us. We're still figuring it out on a day to day basis.