Thursday, November 12, 2009

Rejoining Jenn (Tuesday Pt 2)

*Tuesday was such a crazy night before/day that I've broken it into three parts*

I told Cat that I had a normal night of work Monday. If you read the first part, you already know that I had the entire night off.

I left for "work" at the normal time and drove forty minutes to Jenn's new place. It'd been weeks since I'd seen her, she'd been withdrawn on the emails, so I wasn't entirely sure what to expect when I got there. Then she answered the door in lingerie.

Two hours later, lying together naked on the bed, she rolled me onto my stomach like she was going to rub my back. Then she proceeded to very lightly kiss my shoulders, my spine, my sides, all the way up and down my body. It was amazing.

I forget sometimes how affectionate Jenn can be. It was very sensual, in a kind of cheesy way, but really, really... nice. Peaceful.

Being with Cat is like trying to unravel a ball of stress. Being with Nikky is crazy, sexy, but also a little uneasy. Both are fun, but neither are capable of lying quietly for longer than about ten seconds. This was different, almost like lying by myself but with discrete company.

Jenn is worried that she's falling for me, and has been keeping me at arms length in between dates. I like her as a person, she's fun to hang out with, she's a good person, but I'm not going to fall head over heels for her. However, I might be getting addicted to the serenity, the calm, of being with her.

She's like an oasis.

She'd be dangerous if our schedules matched up better and we saw more of each other.

12 hours earlier Cat left for work and Nikky stopped by. She had an appointment and only had time for a quick BJ before taking off. Again, I'm not sure if this counts towards the two-women-one-day goal, since there wasn't actual sex with both.

It was a long day, a good day. And you know what? I get to sleep in my own bed. Cat and Boy-Toy were passed out on the couch in various states of undress. So I'm writing this from my own comfy bed, half asleep.

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