Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Twofer Tuesday (Tuesday Pt 1)

*Tuesday was such a long crazy night before/day that I broke it down into three parts*

So I got released from work early, about 2 a.m., for veterans day. I got home and there was a car in the drive way. It was Cat's boy toy's car.

I like to refer to him as 'boy toy' because he's cute, very fit, and about seven inches shorter than her.

I wasn't surprised, in fact I was expecting it. I'd been pretty sure he'd been coming over most nights as soon as I left for work. Having finally come to terms with our separation (basically after picking up a couple girl friends), I wasn't bothered by this, I was amused.

I win. Ha ha!

I'm not entirely sure how the game got started, but it relates to the white lies that Cat and I tell each other about what we're doing. We still live in the same house, care for each other, so we're almost ridiculously sensitive to upsetting the other person. So we tell little white lies.
"How did your date go?"
"It was ok." (I got a handjob in the theater)
"You're home early so it must not have been that great."
"Yeah, she has to be up early." (Her husband gets up early)

We're both very rational people, we both know the other person is lying to avoid hurting feelings, but we already know it's going on. So somehow it turned into a game, trying to push the other person's buttons, catch them in a half-truth.

So today, I win! Ha!

Granted, I might have been more annoyed (gotta sleep on the couch? Ouch!) except I didn't actually have work tonight, we were given the night off. ;)

*note: The next morning she was all smug and kept saying that I was awfully smiley for having worked the night before. I made some excuse about getting off a little earlier and going to the bar. She kept saying I was too smiley for all that. I later realized she was laughing at me in her head the entire time, she'd found the visitor's pass to Jenn's apartment with a date/time on it, so she knew exactly what had happened the night before. Point to Cat.

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