Saturday, December 5, 2009

Cat's Cradle

I often tease Cat about being a tease, especially during the periods when she's 'attached' to someone else. Under normal circumstances it's really hard for her to climax, so most of the time she's not particularly interested in actually having sex. However, she's attractive, outgoing, and loves attention, so she's very quick to flirt with anyone, anytime.

I was on my way out the door a couple nights ago and I noticed the glint in her eye. She intercepted me by the front door and started kissing my neck and face. I enjoyed this for a minute but knew it wasn't going anywhere, not only did she have the 'teasing' look but I needed to be out the door in a few minutes. When I tried to disentangle myself she upped the ante, grabbing me through my pants and rubbing me. She looked me in the eye, watching me enjoy the attention.

This continued for a minute, me getting more and more aroused. I could hear her breathing quicker, feeding off my arousal. I was about to drop my pants and finish the job whether or not she planned to, instead I looked at her and said "You're going to stop in about ten seconds and wish me a nice night at work aren't you?"

She erupted in laughter, knowing I'd read her intentions. Very suddenly there was a loud knock on the front-door right next to us. We both jump, then burst out laughing again. It's her boy toy, there for his nightly visit.

Without hesitating for me to hide my visible erection, she opened the door wide, both of us still laughing. I cowered behind her long enough to adjust myself to a less obvious position. We exchanged brief greetings, me and Cat still rolling and him smiling at us, waiting for someone to explain the joke. I push past the two, hands judiciously placed to obscure my groin.

"Yeah, good luck with her tonight," I called out over my shoulder as I walked away. He laughed politely and Cat burst out laughing again. Cat and I had joked about her being a tease earlier in the evening, before the theatrics by the door, so she knew exactly what I meant.

I definitely understand the role of arousal when it comes to controlling another person so I almost felt sorry leaving him in her clutches for the evening. Cat was definitely in the mood to play with her food.

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  1. this seems totally cruel. :-/ i'm glad you recognized it for what it was...but sheesh! not right.