Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ego and Sex

Maybe I don't speak for all men, just most of them, when I say that sex is inextricably linked to the male ego. I'm in a bit of a dry-spell in the sex department, though my ego isn't suffering yet (thanks to Cat's occasional ministrations) I'm starting to feel restless.

After standing me up last weekend I haven't heard from Jenn. It's surprising because we had so much fun together last time and there was no hint beforehand that there were any issues. There was all the normal email/text flirting, the 'I miss you's and 'I can't wait to see you's. Then nothing on Saturday, which was disappointing, and no follow up messages with a reasonable explanation. Just... nothing. Which is disappointing because I actually liked her a lot.

With Nikky's suspicious-overly-controlling husband issues and my weird schedule, meeting up has been impossibly complicated.

If Cat hadn't been feeling more 'needy' recently, I would be in dire-straights. I'd gotten addicted to having the attention of three women, or at least my ego did (possibly my penis as well), and now I'm definitely feeling the loss of two. Hell, last Saturday I couldn't sleep and spent all night watching bad movies and blogging... if I don't nip this trend in the butt I'm going to turn into one of those stay-at-home, feel-sorry-for-themselves, almost-middle-aged losers.

If I could afford a red convertible the situation wouldn't seem so desperate.

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