Tuesday, December 1, 2009

E[lust] Submission

Shortly after I started this blog I was looking for ways to increase my audience and I came across e[lust]. Basically you submit and then everybody who submitted reposts the bulletin with links to everyone's posts, like a chain mail of smut :)

It is an interesting concept and seems to work pretty well, but I'm not sure if it's the right type of thing for me. If you peruse the submissions they are almost entirely erotic writings. Nothing wrong with that, but it's not exactly my thing. Anyone clicking on a link to my submission looking for penises and vaginas is going to be disappointed.

There are some good erotic writers out there, like Frances at 29 pearls in your kiss, but most of them are all graphic and not much else. They work if you're going to masturbate but you probably won't think about them again after you're done. I've written graphic before, but I always try to include thoughts and feelings and motivations and things I've learned. There is so much more to sex than just the physical aspects and by taking out everything else you get kind of a hollow arousal and that's it.

Am I wrong here? I mean, you could write an incredibly erotic story and never even get to anything graphic. Maybe that'll be a project for me.

So I'm not sure if I'm going to continue to submit to e[lust]. It doesn't really fit with what I'm trying to do here. If you disagree, or know about another similar project that might fit better, let me know.



  1. Garry told me about Sex-Press. I don't think it's helped me but it might help you:

    The Sex-Press Is Here

    We would like you to invite you to join Sex-Press

    Sex-Press is a new way to promote your site from Adult Blog Hub, the highly successful sex blog directory.

    By utilising the RSS feed on your blog Sex-Press will automatically publish your posts in our new Sex-Press area without any intervention from you.

    All you need to do is register you blog or blogs here http://adultbloghub.com/sex-press/register.php then, when your site’s feed has been approved links to your posts will appear for our visitors to browse without you having to do a thing.

    All that we require is that you link to the Sex-Press page (http://adultbloghub.com/sex-press) from the main page of your site. It couldn’t be simpler. Instructions on how to add the link are available on the Sex-Press site.

    If you have any questions about the site or how to register please email sex-press@adultbloghub.com

    The Sex-Press Team

    Good luck. Though you've already got more readers than me!

  2. Well, I would respectfully disagree that most is erotic. Especially in the second edition. I am really trying to shoot for a mixture here of smut, and thoughtful discourse, and mildly erotic....I mean really, if it has *anything* to do with sex whatsoever...it can belong in e[lust].

    People who read and write blogs that discuss sex - be it on a personal diary level, or fictional, have a wide range of tastes. Luckily we don't all want hardcore smut all the time.

    Also, regarding the sex-press....it's basically just re-posting your blog feed elsewhere....and Google (and other search engines) don't like that. Duplicate Content makes your blog look less authentic.

  3. Johnny,
    Thanks for the shout out! What a sweet surprise. I am always so insecure about my writing, but I really try to include thoughts and feelings too...though sometimes I just like to write plain smut. :-) I don't know much about these other places, so I'm glad you kind of gave us an idea of their purpose. It took us a while to get followers. Almost a year! We still only have like 21, but it's worth the wait. I suppose the best way to get people interested is to read and comment on other blogs. That's how we got our name out there mostly. It's not much, but it's all I have to offer.
    Thanks again for making my day!

  4. Dangerous Lilly - I'm not even sure how to describe this blog, I don't think I'd be happy if I was able to pinpoint 'what' exactly I'm doing here. It's fun to put up whatever I want and then have a discussion about it with like-minded, insane, individuals (the only reason I'm even interested in increasing my visits).

    Other than sex, as a generic topic, I don't have specific themes or styles, which makes it hard to figure out how to advertise. I mean, one minute I'm giving out marriage advice, the next I'm quoting buddhist scripture, and the next I'm talking about manipulating girls into a three-way. If I 'advertise' myself in something like e[lust] than I'm putting myself next to advice for first timer's giving anal (I'm serious, read through the submissions) and erotic stories. 'Can' be included in e[lust] isn't necessarily the same as 'should' be included. I'm not sure it does my writing or your readers justice to submit anything else.

    However, I haven't read the second edition yet, so I may yet revise my opinion.

  5. Hmm ok...I'll say this knowing you haven't yet likely read edition #2.

    What it sounds like is that you're afraid that just because one post of yours might be "advice" and one might be "erotic" that it lumps you in with blogs that you don't like. So there was an advice post on anal sex. There was also an advice post on getting tested for STDs and a "thoughts" post on a tired libido.

    It also sounds like you might be afraid of offending the readers you have, because there are posts that they might find....unsavory. Again....you're categorizing what you think elust appears to be all about....when thats not entirely the case. It's very broad spectrum.

    Let me know if you still hold the same opinion on the second edition. If so, then elust just isn't for you.

  6. I guess I'll just have to read the second edition and see if the opinion stands. If it does, than I wish you success in your venture. It looks like finding the number of submissions hasn't been an issue so won't miss anything I otherwise would have contributed.

    Lol, look at me, pretending I have something to contribute to others. I'm amazed anyone reads my b.s. to begin with.

  7. *grins* It's attitudes like that that I wish to abolish. Every post may not be something for the masses....many of mine aren't, either, for that matter.
    But some are. Everybody has something to contribute at some point.

  8. Lol, I'm going to have to completely disagree with you Lilly; the longer I'm around the more I think that very few people are even alive, let alone contributing something. In fact, I think most should be discouraged from even trying.

  9. Well I am trying and I feel like I have a voice...one that should be muffled sometimes (please), but a voice none the less! I too am looking for a way to get the word out there and attract more 'followers' as it feeds and motivates me! The very few people (4) who know it is me writing this thing think it is 'erotica'. To me it's 'adult humor'. duh. So if you find a window here let me know. I'm in. that being said I love your blog and read it...well you know, I leave you comments all the time dude!
    Please continue 'contributing'


  10. Monique, if I find something that seems to fit I'll definitely let you know since your style is what I strive for. ;) You do a very good job riding all the right lines without crossing them in the wrong places.

    As far as continuing to 'contribute', I'll certainly continue writing here as long as I have something to write about. I guess the only debate at that point is what exactly I'm contributing to... the delinquency of minors? The divorce statistics? Lol, I'll leave that call up to you.