Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The BJ Vampire pt2


(Writing this reminds me of a chick I knew once who kept a bottle of pepto-bismol in her purse for when swallowing too much upset her stomach)

So, a chick who is constantly sucking your dick, asking nothing in return... almost sounds like the perfect girlfriend, but there was something about it that just didn't sit right.

MC was in the process of moving, so she was staying with her parents until the new place became available and with Cat at home we couldn't go to my place... We half-joked a couple times about getting a hotel room but she wasn't comfortable with that while she was 'living under her parents roof', even if just temporarily. So other than messing around in the car there wasn't much else we could do.

But there was still some weird undertone to the whole thing that made me uneasy.

I'd get a blowjob, be laid-back, drowsy even, and she would get this glint in her eye. She'd be cheerful and bouncing off the walls, like a crack addict who'd just gotten a hit. Before I really felt awake again she'd have my pants unbuckled and start at it again, going for another hit. I'd be falling asleep at the wheel by the time I dropped her off. And she was never really interested in anything for herself. I kind of got the feeling she was using me, or getting ready to use me, or... I don't know... up to something. I was too tired to think about it much, and they were sooooooo good.

Then one night I remembered a passage I read about Samurai warriors. Their semen was equated to their strength, their energy, their very 'warrior' spirit. They could have sex as often as they wanted but were not allowed to come more than once a week (I bet their wives loved that, a perpetually hard husband) or they would be dangerously weakened. And boxers, who aren't allowed to have sex while training for a big fight.

Then all of the unease coalesced into focus. She was feeding on me, literally and figuratively. The next time she went to go down on me she looked up, our eyes met, and I got chills. In all the good horror movies that was EXACTLY the way the monster looked at their prey before ripping out their throat. And I knew I had been right, that this was not a relationship, it was me the buffet for her to peruse at will. I was the willowy, blood-drained woman, laying sick in bed, dreading the night when the feeding will begin again and yet addicted to it at the same time.

For a couple days I tried to fend her off, tried to get her interested in anything else. It didn't work, she wasn't interested in anything else. It didn't last long after that.

Some nights when I'm trying to fall asleep I think of her, partly aroused but mostly with a worm of fear creeping through my gut, like I might look out the window and see her pale face looking in on me. When she isn't at the window I think that with her talents I'm sure she has a new boyfriend and she is probably still out there, right now, feeding...

Wooooo oooo ooo... a sexual ghost story! The scariest part being that it is as entirely true as I can write it.

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