Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The BJ Vampire

Ha! I knew that title would get your attention! This has been a blog a long time in the making.

About two years ago, shortly after me and Cat had separated, I met MC. This was my first fling after being completely monogamous (mostly, there was a thing with a much younger woman for a while but I'm not sure it really counted. That's a whole story of it's own). She introduced herself as MC and that was what I called her. It wasn't until a while later that I learned that her name was Cat, and that MC stood for Miss Cat. That coincidence creeped me out a bit but before the end of the fling it wasn't the creepiest thing about her.

Our first date was going to a movie. We pulled into the lot and sat there a minute talking, we were a little early. Out of the blue she asked if I wanted a BJ before the movie.

I like to think there aren't many things that a woman can say that would totally shock me, but this woman I barely knew offering to suck me off within about 15 minutes of hanging out was a little shocking.

I accepted, of course, and was blown away by how good she was. Imagine a washing machine set to 'agitate' wrapped around your most sensitive organ and you get some idea. By far the best BJ I have ever gotten. She was so good that we didn't even miss the opening previews.

We watched the movie like giggly teenagers, flushed and hormonal. She had an early morning the next day so we went to drop her off as soon as the movie finished. She had me pull into a darkened alley just before her block and asked if I wanted another BJ.

Of course! Just as good as the first, perfect wrist to mouth ratio. This chick could give lessons, boyfriends would line up around the block to sign up their girlfriends. Simply amazing.

Afterwards I offered to return the favor but she said she really needed to get to bed. So I dropped her off. For a dude, best date ever, right!?!

Well, this pattern continued for the next couple of dates. Before, during, and after... as many BJ's as a guy could ask for, but she always sidestepped sex or me going down on her, or even getting to third base! It definitely started to get a little wierd.

Stay tuned for The BJ Vampire pt2

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