Friday, May 27, 2011

School Daze

Since the divorce I've had a little more time to myself. Recently, I decided that it might be a good idea to take a few classes on the side, spruce up on the three 'R's and all.

Yeah... Whoever thought it was a good idea to let me enroll in college was an idiot. You ever hear the phrase "a Fox in the hen house"? Literally the only thing I've learned, or in this case re-learned, is the bountiful joys of staring at 19 year old women for hours on end.

There is one, I swear she is Betty Page reincarnated. Absolutely gorgeous in the 50's pin-up girl kind of way. You know, the image that Katy Perry goes for but falls short of? (Not that Katy Perry isn't gorgeous too, but she's a little too 'pop' to pull off a Betty Page). This girl, who would easily pass for mid twenties, curves pulled straight from the mind of a hormonal teenage boy, sits about two seats away from me. Today she was wearing one of those High School Senior hoodies. Yeah, she graduated from High School last year. She's nineteen. Oooohhh... it's enough to cause physical pain to my loins just to look at her.

And she's not the only amazingly attractive woman in class. I use the term 'woman' very loosely here, they are barely old enough to drive. And yet, they're all of legal age...

I've managed to keep my hands to myself for the time being, but really, it's only a matter of time.

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