Thursday, May 19, 2011

Why Women Don't Make Sense

I've often thought that every woman had a streak of crazy. The more women I meet, the more time I spend with them, the more convinced I am. Seriously, fucked up in the head.

When Jenn and I started hooking back up it was business as usual, NSA fun for the both of us. We'd meet up late at night, jump into the sack, knock each other's socks off, and go back to our normal lives. Neither of us had a problem with that.

Then the last time we were laying in bed together, just finished up an amazing round of sex, panting and sweaty... we were just doing the normal pillow talk thing and I mentioned that my divorce had recently gone through. At the time I didn't notice anything odd, we continued to BS until it was time for me to head home, nothing out of the ordinary.

Then a couple days ago she started to get a little weird. She asked me out on a date, which was new but not that odd, and then she said 'maybe we could JUST do dinner'. I thought maybe she had something else she needed to do, or she had to get up early, so I joked about how we wouldn't be able to keep our hands off each other. Then she got all sober. She said that because we were both single now that maybe we should take this more seriously.

I still wasn't quite understanding. I kept bugging her until she explained. It turns out that as long as one of us was unavailable than she was fine with tons of casual sex, but now that we were both single she wanted more of a relationship. Which somehow meant that we shouldn't be having sex.

I was still confused. I've always thought that Jenn was a cool chick, I've said that before in multiple posts. My divorce just went through so I'm not looking to get married again, but I'd told her that I was very interested in getting to know her better. Less intercourse, in the interest of spending more time together vertical, I can see it. But why would we entirely stop having the terrific sex?

As I understand it now, somehow in her mind the two are mutually exclusive. Relationship and sex cannot coexist until it has reached the proper level of commitment... but she was cool with us having lots of sex last week... and now that she knows I'm actually single she is all weird about sex.

As good with women as I am, their logic is far too wiggly for me too keep up with for long. A guy would say "we have a pretty good thing going, lets see if we can build on it" and the woman says "we had a good thing going, but now it's time for something totally different".

I'll just have to see how this whole thing plays out because I suddenly have a bad feeling about the whole thing. Like, now that I'm 'single' I can be played or something... and if I feel like she's trying to play me than this is not going to last long.

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