Thursday, November 24, 2011


One of my daughter's best friends lives a couple of blocks over. I never hang out with the family and hardly ever take my daughter over there. This reluctance confuses my ex and my daughter to no end. Why not, when they're so close by? For the most part they think that I'm just being a hermit, an opinion I encourage.

When I first met the family it was a young, divorced dad, with a daughter and his girlfriend. The whole family unit was really nice, all great people. And I totally fell for the girlfriend in the first five minutes.

She's totally gorgeous. Dark hair, amazing curves, and a few incredibly tasteful, hot, tattoos. Not only all of that... she's spunky, and fun, and smart, and just plain awesome. She has all the good qualities of my ex-wife and none of her faults. Just about perfect in every way.

The first time we hung out it was all I could do to avoid getting caught staring at her chest. She wore a low cut, black tank top that showed off her amazing breasts as well as her tattoos. It would have been totally impossible to not look, nearly impossible not to stare, and barely possible to not get caught.

She carried herself in the way of the totally un-self-conscious, completely confident, totally gorgeous women, completely comfortable with their own body and sexuality. Even wearing her 'casual' outfit of jeans and tank top, the way she carried herself- and her raw sexual appeal, every male eye was glued to her.

Between trying not to get caught staring, trying not to drop my jaw every time I looked at her, it was impossible to even attempt to follow the conversation. I was totally and utterly captivated. This is probably the only time in my adult life that I actually felt 'dumbstruck' by the mere presence of a woman.

I left as soon as I politely could, it was too much effort every moment trying not to embarrass myself. Had her boyfriend, the divorced Dad, been anything other than a really, really nice guy (and big enough to pound me to dust) I would have to have tried to take her away.

If I wasn't going to try and take her away than I had to STAY away.

There's only been a couple times in the past year or so that we've all been in the same place at the same time. She went from girlfriend, to fiance, to pregnant wife.

The last time was Halloween, we were all to trick-or-treat the neighborhood together. The Husband had to head back early, so it was me and her and the kids. Her all dressed up like a sexy Angel. We bullshitted around for an hour together, talking and joking... Not fair. Not fair at all.

I just heard today that they'll be over for Thanksgiving, which means I'm going to have to avoid the egg nog or it's going to be a really, really interesting holiday.

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