Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Long Lost Jenn

When I came back from my trip to Asia in the beginning of the year me and Jenn started hooking up again. This was not a surprising turn as we'd been on-again off-again for a while now. I kind of got the feeling that I was her fuck-buddy in between her more 'serious' flings. I was perfectly Ok with that.

Then she kind of got weird when she found out that I had my divorce finalized. She more than hinted that she wanted to get more serious (Why Women Don't Make Sense, 5/9/11). Then all the sudden she disappeared.

She'd told me of some family issues back 'home'. Then she completely stopped emailing and calling. I didn't really press her. I sent one email a couple months ago kind of checking in, got nothing back.

Then a two nights ago I got a text from her:
"Been thinking about you, wish you were here"

We went back and forth a bit. I found out that she'd moved back 'home' because of the family issues and decided to stay. She'd met a girl... (Oh, I don't know how much you've read, but Jenn was a Lesbian when we met) Jenn was doing really good... and yet she was missing something. Apparently she was missing some dick. For a Lesbian she shows amazing dedication to my penis and it's various applications.

In this I'm being totally serious, before I met her she was a lesbian, after dating me she's back to being a lesbian... but she still flirts with me by text. I'm not nearly egotistical enough to believe she's actually 100% lesbian and I'm just that good. I'm pretty sure she's that small percentage of 'lesbians' who actually choose to be lesbian... most of the time. Or maybe that's more of a Bi-thing, I'm not totally up on the vocabulary. I truly believe that there are homosexuals who are born that way, who have no choice in how they feel, and I have no problem with that. There are others that I think choose to be homosexual, maybe they've had some bad experiences or something, but it's not necessarily hard-wired into them (I have no problem with them either). I think Jenn is one of those lesbians, who chooses it but still has the wiring to be able to suck dick like a pro and like it.

She sent me some pictures of the two of them, both are just too hot. Our back and forth flirting, she was sorry I wasn't around so I couldn't be part of a threesome. Gulp. If she wasn't 8,000 miles away I'd be on the next flight. Seriously, it'd cost an awful lot but what male fantasy wouldn't be fulfilled by a three-way with two lesbians? I mean, WTF, where do I sign up? Need the first born child? I can do that.

If nothing else, chatting with her totally made my night. And you never know... I might just end up in that neighborhood sometime soon. ;)

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