Sunday, January 29, 2012

Another Long Night

Tonight was a family night; me, our daughter, Cat and her husband, all hanging out and playing games. It was fun, we played video games, ate pizza, and let the kiddo stay up late.

What sucks though, is that I just got home at 10:30. It's too late to find people to go out with and too early to go to bed. So, here I am, browsing adult blogs and drinking Jack and Coke. It would be depress me if it weren't so commonplace.

I'll be leaving here in a few months and it seems really silly to try and strike up a relationship in that time. Most of my friends have already left and gone to their respective homes. There isn't anything left for me here, I'm ready to move on, I'm just stuck waiting for that final paycheck.

On a more positive note, I've rekindled an email relationship with an old flame from back home. I don't have her sending dirty pictures, or promising to jump me at the airport, but it should only be a matter of time.

Until then, though, I have this. I have the faceless amalgamation of adult blogs and readers. It's awfully fun to read through all the new posts, but at the same time it's a little annoying since I don't have anything really 'constructive' to add to the conversation.

The only interesting story I have has to do with the old flame. She sent me an email the other night, which I checked and read at work. A short story would be, she writes really, really well. The longer version is that she was complaining about how long it had been since she had sex, and a detailed list of her favorite things that she missed about it.

She went into a lot of detail.

So, I'm sitting there at work, suddenly with a raging hard on. I had to close the email and think pure thoughts for a good twenty minutes before I could stand up without embarrassing the other males in the room. It was either that or slip into a bathroom to relieve the pressure, but there isn't a whole lot of privacy in our bathrooms.

I had to wait until I was home and spent some serious time surfing the erotic fiction sites before I could compose myself enough to compose a response.

Like I said, she's the only promising addition to my sex life and she's thousands of miles away.

Until I get back, here I am, biding my time... sigh.

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