Saturday, February 25, 2012

Old Flame

I mentioned earlier that I'd rekindled an old flame. We have connected on this interesting level, something that hasn't happened to me in a long time. Because it's purely email at this point we've spent much more time writing 'talking' than would normally be the case. There's no physical contact, but the mental interaction has been so interesting that it's almost better. Almost.

She's divorced, has a son. I'm divorced, have a daughter. We're both single, recently divorced, get along with our ex's. We're interested in the same things, have similar political views, read the same books, have the same interests, have the same views on parenting, have similar opinions on most things... it's like talking with myself only from a female perspective. We're both very sexual creatures with similar tastes and desires. She fits my desires, amazingly I fit hers too.

Every day we write hundreds of words back and forth. Sometimes it's dirty, sometimes it's mundane, but it's always interesting.

It's such a deep connection by this point that I almost don't want it to change. There's this unspoken physical desire between us. We haven't talked about that, we haven't made plans, we haven't acknowledged anything. But I know we both feel it, she thinks the same way that I do.

And we're both celibate, waiting for the right person. Are we the right person for each other? Or is that only an interpretation of mutual need? It wouldn't be surprising considering that neither of us has had a meaningful relationship in at least a year.

We're both in an almost desperate stage physically, so it's not hard to imagine that influencing our feelings. Maybe she's a square peg I'm trying to fit into a round hole and just don't see it because I want to get laid. It'll be at least six months or so until I see her so I'd like to find out before I do.

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