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I've written a lot about dating over the years, or at least a male's perspective on the back-and-forth thrusts and parries of relationships, and I've come to discover a disturbing trend in my life. This is possibly a trend common through out the US, but I am loath to put this particular observation to a wider body of men at this point. Maybe others have found the same in their lives, maybe not, maybe they'll post commentary pro or con and thereby enforce my decision to leave the male population as a whole out of the discussion, or they'll agree and we can turn this into a nice little social commentary. Either way...

 Sorry, been drinking, so I'm struggling a bit with the drunken voice in my head over which words go where.

Anyway, I've noticed that I have this weird cycle; I date for a short period (or attempt to at least), get frustrated with the state of female-kind, and go into a reclusive state for several months, then venture back into the dating scene and get disappointed... cycle ensues. Anyone who's been reading my periodical posts has probably already noticed this cycle for themselves. I've noticed it previously but have only now arrived at the required minimum data points to pursue it as a blog topic.

 Thank god for spell check or us drunken rambling idiots would be unreadable.

 I've written some about my last few 'dates', the married chick, the one with a dating application memorized, you should have some familiarity with my recent frustrations with dating. I went into my periodic reclusive stage and have recently begun thinking about dating again. That's when I realized the pattern, looking over previous posts.

 Were I an entirely logical person, unencumbered by hormones or a penis, I would give up on dating entirely, go join a monastery and write anti-feminist literature. For now, I'm just going to focus on the anti-feminist literature.

 From my experiences I've concluded that the reason for civilizations periodic downfalls are entirely the product of an empowered female population. Probably more on that later unless the Jack Daniels has anything to say about it. So, logically, I should see that society has brought about the independence of women, has legally neutered men, and therefor created a society of perpetually needy men and women that have every right to play with them at will until the resulting collapse of modern civilization. At which point the 'strong' men will emerge, gather followers, and forge the world to their testosteronal pleasure, forming new societies... arousing women with their feats of masculinity, and starting the cycle over again.

 Really, this is the 'relativity theory' of modern sociology, the one cycle that represents the futility of a civilized society. It ties in with all those other stupid patterns, bringing light to the unanswerable questions that all men in a civilized society lay awake at night pondering. 'Why do women fall for the wrong men?' 'Why do they stay with assholes and friend-zone the good guys?' They have no choice, they're wired that way and it's bad for everyone in the long term.

 Strong men build societies, eventually those societies pass laws banning the very acts that led to new societies, empower women, and become 'civil'. The empowering of women leads to an imbalance in the sexual structure of society, letting those pesky women make poor relationship decisions, blocking men from being men, and society collapses. Rinse and repeat.

 'Civil' men do not attract female attention, conquerors do. Therefor civilized society will never work, unless there are wars there can be no warriors. With no warriors, weak men become the play things of women. 

Keep in mind the inebriated state in which I write...

 Right now we are at the top of the 'civilization' bell curve. Lots of 'civilized' ideas, lots of laws against testosterone, and the women are running the game. As a man, this leads to undesirable outcomes when searching for a mate. If I got into a bar fight to 'prove my manhood' I'd end up in jail, which might actually improve my dating opportunities but decrease the availability. If I don't have that warrior status than I'm just another schmuck trying to get a date. Supply and demand clearly states that those with pussies have all the supply, therefore get to make the demands in a regulated society.

 So, at this point I realized that that's the problem. That right now women have all of the control in dating situations and are loath to part with that control. In a modern society, any man that plays in the system is automatically de-balled, and those outside the system are incarcerated. Unless there is another fall of society, than dating (for men)is just going to suck in the mean time. We have to settle for whatever we can get.

 I'm not saying that the whole '2012' disaster should befall, but it would probably help get me laid. Let's be honest, the men beat the clubs, the women organize... if we can't beat our clubs than we're little more than worker bees, good for moving heavy objects, opening jars, and nothing more. Civilization takes all the testosterone out of life, unless we can figure out a way to bring it back we're going to end up in another collapse.

 Look at every single civilized culture, they all revere fight sports. It was boxing, but that wasn't bloody enough, so now it's the UFC. The men watch to try and remember what it was like to have balls, the women love it because they can see some men that still have them. It's no different than the Romans and the colisium, look what happened to them.

 So, in conclusion, my own frustrating cycle of dating-not dating has a lot to do with the impending doom of US society. Right now, women have all the power and control in dating, there are a thousand to one men v attractive women. They insist on certain things because they can, and if I won't provide them than there are dozens of other men that will. Ie, dating sucks because I can't simply club a hot woman unconscious and drag her back to my cave.

 Freud and Darwin are both rolling over in their graves, whether to agree or disagree I leave up to you.

 Slap, bam, thank you ma'am, I rest my case.

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