Sunday, August 19, 2012

Is it wrong?

One of the interesting responses that I got from my CL ad was this woman, we'll call her Alexis, that sent me some fairly provocative photos today.

My reaction?  Well, that's where I have some questions:

Is it wrong to ask a woman you've never met if she's actually a man in drag?

Is it wrong to ask a woman you've never met if she used to be a man but is post sex change surgery?

If she is post sex change surgery, would it be wrong to nail 'her' anyway?

Or is it better to just not ask and hope that when you take off 'her' panties there aren't any surprises?

and finally:

If there is a surprise when the panties come off, do I need to give 'her' a reach-around?  Seems like it would only be polite but that's a skill that probably requires some practice and I'm not sure I'm motivated to try.

I only ask these questions because I've never been propositioned by a woman that I wasn't pretty sure of her gender in the first place.  I'm sure there are some sort of guidelines for this kind of thing but I've never needed to inquire about them before.

They say that curiosity killed the cat, but did it really?  Maybe curiosity just led the cat into some interesting stories that he doesn't share with his buddies the next morning.

1 comment:

  1. I have a TS girlfriend, just treat her like a normal person, if you're attracted, go for it!
    They get so many questions like this, they're used to it, but please be polite and at least consider her feelings above your own curiosity. Please think about how your questions come across. :) My friends gets so many stupid questions put her way, that's the painful part. If you're genuine, that's ok though.
    THey've heard it and been hurt by it all before probably, so just have fun, and treat her like you would any other woman you're with. A little respect and courtesy goes a long way no matter what gender you are. HOpe this doesn't sound like a lecture, but I just hate to see MY TS friend get hurt again and again by well-meaning but insensitive people. Please don't be one of them, hey? ;-)

    Have fun!