Thursday, September 6, 2012


So, unfortunately, the emails that I received all panned out the way that most of my recent relationships have panned out.  They all ended in failure because... well, because they were all female.  It's not their fault, they were born that way, but still disappointing to say the least.

There are a couple that will probably stay on as penpals for a while, but all, including the maybe-tranny, were all preoccupied with getting married and having children.  I've done both and don't really want to do either again.

It disappoints me but doesn't really surprise me.  It's been like this for a while now.  I could go to the bar and pick up a random chick (or a hooker, the cheaper alternative) but that's an empty relationship.  Or I could go for the codependent, must-get-married, wants kids, women that have issues (because they haven't done any of those things already).

Is it too much to ask, in this day in age, for a good relationship between two strong, independent, people?

As we age the romantic ideal changes, we realize that the old ideal is pure fantasy.  Maybe 1 in a 100 couples finds love early and has it last.  The rest of us have relationships fail, we find that we need to be whole ourselves before we have a good relationship, we have to be comfortable with ourselves and happy with ourselves first...  Apparently at the cost of any future relationship.  Self actualization means loneliness?  Seems like a raw deal, but the evidence all points that direction.

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