Monday, October 1, 2012

Another Drunken Post

Another night of drinking alone.  Probably preferable to drinking with most of the women I've met recently, yet still depressing.

I've talked to a few interesting women recently, mostly online (sad, I know), but I haven't actually met anyone even half as interesting in person.  Partly, I think it's because when you meet someone online all you have to know them by is their words, their thoughts, their personality, and nothing else.  In person, it's all too easy to get caught up in the looks, the physical chemistry, everything else.  How did people do this dating thing before the internet?

Maybe it's a sad state of affairs, that we need this artificial form of communication in order to actually communicate.  Sad that we seem to have stopped communicating in person and instead express ourselves online?

Has the internet helped us lonely loners to search for acceptable mates or is it becoming the only way to find anyone?  Over the years I've been all over the world, met thousands of women, yet I can meet that many in five minutes online.  One personal ad and I can get more attention than I ever could in a bar, or three.

Is this a good thing or a bad thing?  I'm not sure.  It hasn't particularly helped me recently, but then again, I haven't put much effort into it either.  Is that my failing, or something else?  It would be easy to blame the internet or women or circumstances, but would that be fair?

Can a wierdo like me blame all women of society or is it more accurate to blame myself?  The human condition demands that I assume I'm right, and yet logically, if I'm the only one that sees things this way than I am the odd man out, the exception rather than the rule.

Another drink, another logical, philosophical episode... Where are the questions?  Where are those that will challenge the assumptions, that will make me think and question?  Where are the women that are worth the effort of the conversation?

Maybe I'm drunk, but I haven't met one in a long time.

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