Thursday, February 14, 2013

Aaaaah, Single on Valentines Day... Again

Hallmark has done an extremely good job at selling the "Love" (capital L on purpose).  Valentines day is the one day of the year that we're supposed to blow a ton of hard earned cash proving our love for our significant other.  

I'm not against celebrating a quality relationship, spoiling each other, or even having a specific day to celebrate it... I'm against putting a price on it.

Oh, you laugh at my naivete...

"Every Kiss begins with K"


"Awwwwww... He went to Jerod's"

Turn on your TV the week before Valentine's Day and start counting the commercials that sell "love".  Prove your love, show your love, demonstrate your love... by purchasing our products.

It seems so obvious from someone on the outside of the situation, yet it's become such an institution.  I mean, this is like Christmas, if you don't participate in the mass madness of consumerism than somehow you become a weirdo.  How would your new girlfriend feel if you didn't get her something nice?  How would your coworkers react if you told them you weren't getting your wife anything?  How would your wife's coworkers react if she told them you didn't get her anything?  They might be fine to your face but behind your back they would be scandalized.  Or admit you are single and they'll feel sorry for you.

I was bored and had the TV on to some bad sitcom while I was cleaning the house today.  The entire episode was about each of the spouses trying to figure out what the other bought them, which was a better gift, blah, blah, blah.  That's how ingrained this Valentine's day madness is, it's even made it into our bad TV shows.

I did a post last year on Valentines day, about a conversation with a friend about the holiday.  I was single at the time and grateful.  Once again, I don't need to worry about buying something with money that two people should be sharing for free.  

So, I will encourage all of you people celebrating Valentine's day tomorrow to take a moment, stop and really think about what the holiday means.  If you want to buy something, that's fine, but make sure that the day is more about the mutual celebration and less about the gifts.

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