Thursday, February 21, 2013

Is it possible to fall in love with a body part?

Alright, I was walking the aisles at a local grocery store.  I went down the aisle with teas and juices, looking for some Green Tea (my current substitute for coffee in the morning), when I found a surprise.

There was a cart in front of the teas, full of boxes ready to stock.  Next to the cart was an absolutely gorgeous ass.  There was a woman attached, obviously, kneeling down to place boxes on the lowest shelves.  Her shirt was pulled up just enough, and her pants just down enough to reveal beautiful, cinnamon colored perfect skin, a tattoo and the slightest hint of ass.  On any other woman I would have said she had a 'tramp stamp', but this was the Michelangelo of lower-back/upper-ass tattoos.  The kind of vision that inspires a belief in a benevolent God that loves all men, to provide them with such a sight.

She turned half way and looked at me.  I glanced up long enough to meet her eyes.

"Need any help?" she asked.

"No... No, I'm fine.  You can go back to... whatever it was you were doing."

She grinned a little, as though she knew exactly what I had been staring at, and went back to work.  I tried not to look for too much longer.  And before you ask, I have no recollection of what her face looked like, it was simply an accessory to the main show.

I had this sudden urge to pull out my camera phone and record the moment.  No, I didn't, I'm not that much of a creeper.  The photo above was just another example of love-at-first-sight I saw on The Chive.

So, is it possible to fall in love with a body part?  If only I could get my hands on it without having to worry about the rest of the body...  sigh...

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