Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What is it with Chicks?

Alright, here's a pet peeve of mine: chicks that make guys wait.

It seems like everything goes a magnitude slower when a woman does it.  That doesn't mean that there aren't legitimate reasons that women take longer, longer hair so showers are longer (or they're shaving their legs), and yet it seems that it takes them longer to do everything.

There is this stupid game that some people play in a relationship, making the other person wait, wait at the door, wait for a call, a text, or an email.  It's like a power play or something, making the other person wait on you.  I know plenty of men that do this to women too, so it's not specifically a sexist thing, but I find I'm on the receiving end all too often.  I'm not sure if they want control, or they're being coy, or oblivious, or don't care, or if they are just reliving their high school days, but it's fucking obnoxious.

I'm a pretty laid back guy, if there is a reason for a delay I'm perfectly cool.  You're busy, car trouble, work issues, something came up, whatever.  Yet, the women that I've gone out with recently (relatively recently) have all tried to play the make me wait game.  They make me wait on emails, texts, and calls. Yeah, that doesn't last long.  I'm a straight forward guy, not a stupid one.

I might be laid back but I'm not a patient when it comes to games.  If I think you're worth my time than I make an effort, if I'm not getting that effort in return... let's just say I'd rather be single.  Funny, they seem to call back more frequently after I dump them, maybe they think I'm playing the game.  I'm not.

A word to the wise women... don't deliberately make a guy wait on you.  Eventually, you will run into a guy like me that doesn't play that game.  So many women complain about the lack of "good" guys, maybe those guys just don't play that way.

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