Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Anne pt 1

So, I find myself in a depressingly nostalgic mood today.  I was at the swap meet today and it must have been an unofficial "90's" day or something, there was a huge selection of CD's that were the soundtrack to my high school years.  I picked up a few and flashed back to my moody years on my way home.

In high school there was this amazing girl Anne who hung out with us weird kids.  She was a smart, a dancer, a writer, and into drama, all factors that clearly placed her with us weirdos.  I was a bit of a wallflower, bouncing between different groups, musicians, hippies, and the weirdos.  She was pretty amazing, especially considering she was attractive which was a rarity with the weird kids.  Because she was a dancer, she had a very nice body, and with her brain she was a double threat.

My best friend John was big into acting, a very charming, outgoing fellow.  He was firmly in the weirdo category but had such a sunny disposition and quick wit that he got along pretty well with everyone.  We'd both had our eye on Anne for a while, even talked about her between us, but he had the guts to ask her out first.

Anne said yes, and that started an interesting couple of years.  John and I were inseparable, which meant the three of us spent a lot of time hanging out together.  I often felt like a third wheel, yet it was stranger than that because I was still captivated by her.  It's a weird position to be in, I'll tell you.  Though, looking back, hitting on my buddy's girlfriends ended up becoming a kind of theme in my early love life.

Anyway, during the winter of our Senior year the three of us decided to skip school and drive out to the hot springs.  We grew up in a much cooler climate and it was an exceptionally frigid day in January, clear and beautiful, but frigid.  Because it was so cold we were all dressed up and had to swing by the Salvation Army for some cheap swim wear.  John picked out some blue ones, I grabbed some lime green ones, and Anne grabbed a red bikini.  Then we got in the car for the hour long drive to the hot springs.  I was looking forward to seeing Anne in that bikini.

That's one of the amazing things about growing up in a cold climate, hopping into a hot spring when the air temperature is below zero is something everyone should experience at least once.

This particular spring had several different pools, a couple indoor, and a large one outside.  John and Anne would move to another pool first and shortly I would follow them.  She did look pretty amazing in that skimpy swim suit.  We would bullshit, enjoy the hot water.  It was quite a pleasant afternoon.

As we were moving to the last pool John happened to glance back at me.  He jumped a bit which caused Anne to look back.  That's when he pointed out to me that my lime green Salvation Army shorts were completely transparent when wet.  Yup, literally nothing left to the imagination.

It was like an x-rated wet t-shirt contest with only one contestant.  Might as well have been walking around completely nude.

We all got a chuckle out of that one.  I'm sure the other patrons got a good chuckle out of it too.  Luckily, I was so full of hormones and teenage male bravado that flashing my junk at the tourists and the girl of my fantasies wasn't particularly traumatic.

Apparently Anne wasn't too traumatized either.  A couple months later they broke up and I ended up dating her for the next two years.

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