Sunday, March 10, 2013

Noticed Something Interesting

When I was writing my post on Valentine's Day, I noticed something interesting.  I was adding "labels" to the post, scrolling down the list; manipulation, sex, control, erotic... it's quite long, a collection of all the labels I've created since I started writing this blog.  And yet, there was no label for "love".

Not once, in the past years of writing here did I label any post with the word "love".  All these years of writing about relationships, women, religion, sex... and never once did the word love get used to tag a post.  I know I've used the word in the post but I guess I never thought that a post should be labelled with the word.

Most people probably wouldn't think too much of this, but I'm always looking for strange coincidences and this one seemed to stand out.  Not once?  I always thought that I was a romantic at heart, that through all my relationships, my trials and tribulations, that the subtext was always a search for love, truth, a sense of reality in an unreal world...  Kind of a dark, jaded, and yet surprisingly sweet guy.  Well, apparently "love" didn't play as large a part of my thinking and writing as I thought.

I always thought of love as the white space between all the lines in my stories, they held it all together, whether it was actually written or not.  Yet, apparently that subtext was too subtle even for me.


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