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This is the fourth part of my nostalgia rants.  I've had several interesting sexual relationships, many of which I've written about here, but this one is a little weirder.  Slightly more erotic than my usual posts, but still weird.  You'll see.

In 2004 I was living in Georgia and had been married to Cat for two years.  I was doing a bunch of work and job training, so I was in and out of the state for months at a time.  We hadn't been in Georgia for very long, she had no friends there, no family, and was having a hard time with me being gone so much.  After a while we decided that she should go back to Michigan for a while until my schedule improved.

In total, she was in Michigan for most of a year.  Three months into that year I started getting messages from friends back home that she was spending a lot of time at the bars, hanging out with a lot of guys.  Cat was always a bit of a flirt so I didn't really take the reports too seriously.

Then, that Christmas I went back home and found out that they were more than rumor.  Me and Cat spent some time together over the holiday but she spent almost as much time with a male "friend" that she wouldn't introduce to me.  She swore up and down that she wasn't sleeping with him, but spent several nights "sleeping on his couch" while I was there.  Makes me wonder what she told him about her time spent with me.

We were obviously in different places, literally and figuratively.  So, after much discussion we decided that we would live separate lives.  I had to go back to Georgia, she could stay in Michigan, and we would just see how things went.

The first few weeks back in Georgia were pretty rough for me.  The only reason we'd moved to Georgia in the first place was for my job, we were newly-weds and I hadn't been able to find any decent work in Michigan.  I left everything I knew behind to provide a future for us.  Yeah, that was working out really well.  Mentally, I was just destroyed.  My marriage was falling apart, my wife was lying to me, my work sucked, I was away my family and friends...  I felt totally worthless.  Basically, my whole life was a wreck.

My only friend from work, Bill, a not-so-closet alcoholic, moved in with me and we spent nearly every night drinking ourselves stupid.  Sometimes we'd go to the bars... to drink, not to meet women.  Most nights we'd just stay in my apartment, there was a lot less drunken driving if we stayed home.  Though I have to admit the drunk driving was also quite a bit of fun at the time.  When you're drunk, and borderline suicidal, driving extreme speeds late at night at seems like a terrifically good way to spend the evening.

One night we were invited to a party with some coworkers.  They were a few years younger than us and we figured it would probably be lame.  We went anyway, there'd be alcohol there.

About half way through the night a couple of gorgeous young women showed up.  One in particular caught my eye (every male's eye), she had the body of a Barbie doll, short black hair, exotic eyes, and the most pouty lips I've ever seen.  Oh, and she had a huge rack.  Hot.  Hot, hot, hot.  Bond girls wish they looked that good.

She was way, way out of my league.  I mean, every guy in the place was alternating their gaze between her beautiful eyes and those tits.  I figured I didn't have anything to lose so I went over to talk to her.

Amazingly, it turned out she was also incredibly intelligent, well read, and quite the conversationalist.  She also didn't drink.  Most of the guys at the party were young and drunk, typical blue collar workers.  They quickly got bored with our conversation on the various merits of classic English authors and wandered off to find easier, dumber, drunk women.

Soon, it was just me and Gail sitting on the couch together, everyone else was passed out or left for the bars.  Even though I was sure it would repel her, I told her about my situation with Cat.  How lame am I?  A married, separated, drunk, depressed, 23 year old guy, hitting on a beautiful young woman at an underage party.  Despite my best efforts to blow this opportunity, somehow I didn't.  Another twist to the situation, she was this devout Christian, a daughter of a minister, a good girl, and a virgin saving herself for marriage, that somehow also had a strange fascination with wounded bad-boys.  Especially ones that could keep up with her in a good conversation.  And I just happened to have a taste for beautiful, intelligent, naive, and idealistic women.

At the end of the party I was slightly surprised when she handed over her phone number.  She had to be, by far, the most attractive woman I'd ever picked up.

A couple nights later I invited her to hang out at my place.  My apartment was tiny, all I could afford, a small living room, kitchen, and a bedroom.  Me and Bill were drinking, like usual.  She never drank but didn't mind that we were.  We all BS'ed in the living room for a while, then Bill passed out on the couch (to this day I think he faked it to get me some alone time).  Me and Gail went into my room and laid out next to each other on my bed.

We talked for quite a while.  I found out that Gail was only 18 and a Senior in High School.  Both of those facts floored me.  She looked at least 24 and could converse like an upper class English student in college.  To say she was mature for her age would be a major understatement.  Hot and smart.  And young.

We made out for a while.  I was a little concerned with pushing it too much further, she was a virgin and I wasn't sure what she was comfortable with.  Turns out, not much made her uncomfortable.

I put a hand on her breast over her shirt, she didn't protest so I started to massage each glorious globe.  Her shirt was pulled up a little, exposing a smooth, taut belly.  I kissed her neck, from ear down to breast bone, and placed a hand on that belly.  She moaned and arched her neck to give me more access.  Slowly, I worked that hand under her shirt.

She sat up and pulled off her tank top.  Still kissing her neck I reached back and unlatched her bra, exposing the beautiful pair.  They were as gorgeous as I thought they would be, flawless skin, small pert nipples.  She lay back down and I went down to kissing and sucking on her breasts.

In the back of my drunk and horny mind, a small voice was whispering in my ear.  "Here is this beautiful, innocent creature.  You're married, and a worthless drunk whose whole life is in shambles.  Are you really going to stain this beauty with your tainted life?"  In that moment, face full of breasts, it wasn't too difficult to ignore the voice.

I put a hand on her thigh below her skirt.  Still no protest so I started to slide the hand higher.  Then I had my hand on her pussy over her panties.  I feel her warmth and wetness through the fabric and started to move my fingers in circles over her.  She lifted her hips and I slid off her skirt and panties, then pulled off my own clothes.

We lay together, naked, exploring each other with our hands and making out.  I gently fingered her, sliding my fingers all over her very well lubricated pussy.  After a few minutes I kissed my way down from her neck, to her breasts, her stomach, across her hip bone...  down the inside of her thighs, until my face was buried in her warmth.

No complaints from her, so I laid there and ate her out until my jaw got sore and she lost her voice from all the moaning.  She then graciously returned the favor.  Not at all what I expected from a devout Christian girl.

After that first night with her, I was about 3/4 of the way head over heels for her.  Either that or she just made me really, really horny.  There's something about a devout, virginal Christian girl that is on the verge of fucking you that is a serious turn on.  We frequently got naked and fooled around, doing everything except having sex.  Sex and her Virginity were the two big elephants in the room.  She wouldn't say it, but I could tell by her body language that if I rolled over on top of her when we fooling around she would welcome my cock inside her.

She wanted it, I knew she did, but she wouldn't admit it.  So, I would push her, try to get her so worked up, so wet, that she would ask.  She never would.  I'd lick her pussy, grope her all over, she'd return with blow jobs, or hand jobs and I'd come all over her smooth, beautiful belly.  I wouldn't have hesitated to fuck her if she would just say it, but she wouldn't... it was like she was pushing me, trying to see how far she could push me before I would just shove her down and fuck her.

That's when this queer feeling came over me.  What would fucking her like that do to my soul?  And I'm not religious, but I also was not in my right mind.  I'm sure I was borderline delusional, depressed, and possibly suicidal.  She seemed too good to be true, too much to accept.  For a while I was pretty sure that she had actually been sent to me from the Devil.  He had to know that my soul was dangling by a thread... maybe all it would take would be a the right, virginal, angelic temptation.  And she was one hell of a temptation.  A little slice of heaven, just waiting for my resistance to crumble, to let my base instincts take over and just have my way with her.  Afterwards the she-devil would claim that it wasn't consensual and that would be the end of me.

Each time I was with her there was an intense internal debate going on... between my dick and what was left of my morals.  Obviously, I wanted to push her, I wanted to be with her, and at the same time I  was already so low that doing something so wrong would probably have destroyed me.  At times, holding back my libido seemed like the only decent thing about me.  I couldn't have any confusion, if she wanted to give me her virginity I would gladly take it, but I had to know for sure... otherwise it would have completed my own mental and emotional destruction.

Two months later, Cat decided she was done sowing her wild oats and flew back to Georgia.  Gail and I didn't break up right away, she was young, hot, and she pissed off Cat, all good things in my book.  That was a very interesting few weeks, having a wife and a girlfriend.  I'll have to do a post on it sometime, it was pretty sweet.  But Gail knew that I wouldn't divorce Cat (for complicated reasons), so she knew there was no future for us, though she was so compassionate that she stuck around to get me through the first few rough weeks with Cat back.

It was a beautiful time with Gail, this intense, passionate fling.  It was also mentally and emotionally turbulent, made me question my sanity, and almost ended my marriage.  But in the end we were two different souls, on two separate paths that briefly converged, sparkled, and then went their separate ways.  Both better off for their meeting, I'd like to think.

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