Monday, April 29, 2013

I had this crazy thought today...

I've been on this "looking for a serious relationship" kick for a while now.  It's part of the overall cycle of Johnny; casually date a girl for a while, break up because she's psycho, hate all women, drink too much, get straight and start looking again, have a casual relationship... repeat.

Well, for a while now I've felt like I'm past all the BS of dating and am looking to take it to the next level.  A committed, comfortable, long term relationship (not marriage though, I refuse to get married again).  For so long, every date I've been on has been a trial of my patience, my wallet, and my endurance.  For most of them it would have been better mentally, physically, and financially to just buy a six pack, a porno, and spend the night at home.  So, for the past few months I've been passing up on anything that didn't have long term potential because I'm so tired of the half-serious dating BS.  To be honest, I haven't even really been looking at all.  I guess subconsciously, I just felt that when I was ready the right person would come along.

Anyway, at lunch I saw this elderly couple eating together and started to wonder how long they had been together.  Thirty years?  Forty years?  What are the chances of any relationship going that long?  When I'm that old I really hope I've found the right kind of person to spend my time with...

That's when I realized that I'm really, really fucking retarded.  I'm not an old man yet.

Mentally, I am old enough for something responsible, I want something responsible... but Fuck, I'm barely into my 30's.  Why the fuck should I be holding out for the right woman?  I'm too fucking young for that!  I might think and write like an old man, but Jesus Christo, I should be fucking every woman I can convince to spread her legs.  Right now!  Why am I wasting these prime fucking years sitting in my apartment, all celibate, and writing whiny blog posts about how bored and love-less I am.  WTF!  Wake up, Johnny, it's time to get off your ass and get into some ass!

I mean, will I be in my sixties thinking about how lucky I was to go 15 years without sex and then found the right woman?  Or will I be thinking "God damn, I wish I'd gotten laid more before I met the right woman"?

The answer is easy, I should be fucking everything that breathes and has a heart beat.  Really.  I won't ever regret having too much sex, I'll only regret the missed opportunities.  Well, it should make the posts more interesting and the VD clinic happy.  I'm pretty sure I'm putting Dr. Love's children through college.

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  1. No reason not to have lots of sex while searching! I mean heck isn't that where the fun is in dating? Dating itself can be such a tedious frustrating task that the sex at the end at least gives you rewards for your efforts. Have fun, hope you'll share your stories...