Saturday, April 13, 2013

Now or Later?

A couple days ago something interesting happened.  I had just gotten off work and was walking out of the lobby of my office building.  There's a secretary that works the front desk in the lobby, she answers the phones after hours.  She's a slightly overweight, large-framed Asian woman about my age.  We've said a few words in passing but never more than a couple of words at a time.

That afternoon she had a friend keeping her company at the desk.  They were sitting closely together, chatting it up, having a grand old time.  I said goodnight and waved as I walked past them toward the front door.

The secretary said goodnight and went back to gossiping with her friend.  As I walked to the door I overheard the words "he's cute" whispered between them.

Now, I don't know if they were talking about me or the mail boy, who by all accounts is quite a looker, but it got me thinking.  I don't find secretary wasn't particularly attractive, but if they were talking about me, would I go out with her?

My initial reaction was "What the hell, why not?"

As usual, that train of thought just kept on rolling.  Since I didn't find the secretary attractive, the dating wouldn't last long...  Maybe a drink or dinner or two.  I mean if I didn't know her from work, met her all dressed up at a bar, I'd probably fuck her (after enough beers), but that's about it.  I can't see myself dating anyone for very long that I don't want to see her constantly naked.  So, would it be cruel to go out with her a few times if I was pretty sure it wouldn't last?  Would it be better to just say "no" up front?

That led to some interesting questions.  Is it possible to know up front if it won't work out?  Even if you're pretty sure it won't work out, is it better to give it a shot and see?  Then there's the whole "Mrs Right vs Mrs Right Now" debate.  Is something better than nothing?  Or is it better to be alone and wait for something better?

I think the hard part about all of this is that there is no correct answer, it's all shades of gray (no, not the 50 shades type).  It all depends on the situation, the person, etc.  That's why honesty is so important, making sure everyone is on the same page in a relationship.  Too bad honesty and womanizing don't go so well together.

All because of a half heard comment.  Stupid.  I think too much.  Would it help if I told you that this is one of the first posts I've written completely sober?  I'm trying to cut back.  On the drinking, not the writing.  Or the thinking for that matter.  Maybe that's the issue, less alcohol means more thinking.

That's not always a good thing.

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