Friday, April 19, 2013

Stupid "Fashionable" People

About a week ago I saw an interesting wedding party.  I was driving through the outskirts of downtown, past an old movie theater, and a wedding party was out front posing for photos.  This is fairly common, it's a historic area and that theater has quite a few weddings.  From a distance everything seemed normal.

The bride and bridesmaids looked pretty in their dresses but as I got closer the groom's party started to look off.  The men were all wearing thick, black rimmed glasses, bow ties, and suspenders.  Odd.  Then I noticed they were all wearing black jeans that were rolled half way up their calves and converse shoes.  What the hell?

(a google image for "hipster wedding")

It took me so long to realize what I was looking at that I didn't have time to pull out my phone and get a picture.  A hipster wedding party.

No offense to hipsters, but as far as I'm concerned most fashion trends are retarded.  Groups of people demonstrate their uniqueness by dressing ridiculously with their friends.  Five years later a new trend starts and everybody looks back and makes fun of the last trend.  What did you think of your parents old photos?  Big hair, bell bottoms, and platform shoes?  They look ridiculous by today's standard.  Take this wedding party, just think how they'll look back at these wedding photos in 10-15 years and realize how stupid they look.  Or when they show their kids some day.  Or grand kids, if the internet is around that long.

When I got married I was well groomed and wore a fitted tux.  While I might not have been the image of fashion it's been over ten years and I'm not ashamed to show the photos.  If I ever have grand kids I'm sure they'd laugh a little when they see them, but it won't be because of how I was dressed.

I just re-read this post for editing purposes and realized I'm an old man, "Darn kids these days! Wacky clothes and music!  Get off my lawn!"  Then shake my fist at them.

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