Sunday, April 7, 2013

There's something wrong with the world today...

So, I was picking up a bottle of wine at a local grocery store tonight.  In line ahead of me, waiting for the cashier, was a very snappy dressed young man picking up a few items of food and a copy of GQ.  As we were waiting I glanced at the cover, "Style Bible, Everything a man needs to look his best in 2013."  Whatever, right?

Then I looked a little closer and I got a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.   The dude on the cover is wearing skin-tight slacks that are way too short and shoes without socks.  Fucking, seriously?  What the hell is mankind coming to?  I mean, this is like a flash back to the gender bending outfits from the 80's and I'm pretty sure everyone agrees they were a bad idea.  Everyone except Dee Snyder.

How the fuck is any of that considered sexy or "manly".  Seriously?  Women, does that look turn you on?  Does a guy need to wear short, nut-hugging pants and an N-Sync hat these days?  Is that what women go to the bars looking for?  Does it scream "I'm too manly for pants that fit"?

When I am evaluating the manliness of a particular outfit, I always ask myself "What Would Clint Eastwood Wear?"  Or Sean Connery, or Robert DeNiro, or Al Pacino, or Bruce Willis, or John Wayne, or Chuck Norris...  Or if those points of reference are too old, "What would Daniel Craig Wear?"  

Sexy AND manly, if I do say so myself...

Do you think he'd be caught dead in that GQ outfit?  I don't think so.  Then why should any other self-respecting man?  

Seriously, GQ, WTF?

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