Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Girlfriend and a Wife

The recent nostalgia post about Gail got me thinking about that time in my life.  There was about a month long period when I was still with Gail and Cat was back from Michigan.  I had a wife and a girlfriend at the same time, and they both knew about each other.  Sounds like a bad sitcom?  Actually, it was fucking awesome.

You see, when you're married your wife has basically "won" you, she isn't competing against other women for your affection anymore (one of the many reasons that I think marriage is a bad idea).  She doesn't have to put any effort into attracting and maintaining your attention.  Yes, ladies, that sword cuts both ways but this post is about my perspective.  Basically. the game is over, its been "won" and there isn't much left to do but try and ride it out.

However, in our situation, Cat had already cheated so I picked up a girlfriend of my own, Gail.  Then all the sudden Cat decided she wanted to come back to the marriage and realized that she had competition for my attention.  Cat was going to have to outdo the gorgeous 18 year old, who hung on my every word, and hadn't just cheated on me.  Gail, on the other hand, was trying to win me away from my wayward wife.  Despite being married, it inspired the competition that was otherwise lacking.

Both women were seriously challenging each other over me.  To be honest, I wasn't that much of a catch, but it was more the principle than the objective for them in this situation.  It wasn't me, it was the competition itself.

Guys, let me tell you right now, that it was fucking awesome.  Each one was trying to out do the other.  Both suddenly got super attentive, extremely nice, very open to any "suggestion", and very sexually willing.  It was like having two gorgeous genies attending my every beck and call.  I got more BJs that month than.... Damn.  It was amazing.

If possible, I think every man should go through a similar situation.  It's one of the few times in a man's life when he has the tables turned on the opposite sex... and... it... is... glorious!

Obviously, you can't keep both women competing forever.  Sooner or later one of them will realize the power imbalance and move on to a more favorable situation.  And once one "wins" you, or the other leaves, then the competition is over and everything goes back to normal.  So, the trick is to prolong the competition for as long as possible.  It's not easy, but, god damn the pay off is worth it.

Women thrive in competition.  Once that competition stops than the game is over.  Marriage is usually the end of the game, but if you can get a girlfriend to keep the competition going than you would be amazed at the results.... seriously.

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