Thursday, May 16, 2013

Another nice night...

When it rains, it pours.

I had a really nice night at Martial Arts class a couple days ago.  Tonight, I had a blind date with a friend of a friend that set us up.

I am not a huge fan of dating to begin with, let alone blind dates with friends of friends.  The last time I went out like this the chick turned out to be really hot but dumb as a rock.  Friends are not reliable sources of information about women, "Oh, She's great, just wait til you meet her..."

My buddy had been talking up this girl for a while, he thought we'd be some perfect match.  He was trying so hard that it made me nervous, like maybe he was building her up too much... like something must be wrong with her if he's trying so hard to set her up.

Anyway, Heather turned out to be athletic hot, smart as fuck, with an excellent sense of humor.  We met up at a local Indian restaurant and had a great time at dinner.  Then we went to a nearby bar where a local band was playing, I got to meet a couple of her friends.  Even her friends were really cool.

Hot, smart, funny, and interested in me.  We totally hit it off.  Who would have thought?

So, that's three women that I'm kind of working right now, Heather, Martial Arts chick (Nicole), and another one that I know through work (I haven't written about her here yet, but we'll see how it plays out).  Isn't it funny how all that works?  It's either a drought or a downpour, no attention or tons of attention.  Two weeks ago I could hardly find a date, now I'm having a hard time keeping the schedule straight.

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