Saturday, May 25, 2013

Confusing Date

So, finally Leah and I got to go out.  She's the mother of two from work that isn't looking for anything serious right now.  We had a really nice dinner, talked for hours, and then went to a movie.  She's really cool, really nice, and we had a good time.  The body language was positive, our arms and legs were deliberately resting against each other through the movie.  It was a popular movie on a Friday night so the theater was packed, otherwise I'd have tried for some more overt touching.

Then the movie was over.  We walked out of the theater, out to the parking lot, around 10 pm.  She smiled at me, said goodnight, and walked away.

This nice date, all this good body language, and not even a good night hug.  Not even a hesitation to open the possibility for anything more.  It was like she had a curfew and had to make like Cinderella.

I wasn't assuming that I'd get lucky or have some high school make out session in the car, but the abrupt ending threw me a bit.  All of the signs were there, it certainly seemed like she was into me, but now I'm not sure.  If she is into me then why play it so cool?

So, either she's not into me or she's playing games?  Or I suppose there's some third option that I'm not seeing yet.

Once again, I'm home early on a Friday night... Drinking a class of wine, writing, and reading my favorite adult blogs.  Does it ever seem like you're the only person not having sex?

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  1. Yeah that's very strange! I guess you'll know more if she gives you any indication that she's still interested.

    I once dated a man who didn't even kiss me goodnight and then I learned he was a 30 year old virgin. Well that was a little too much for me to handle because let's face it I'm far from virginal. lol So I never dated him again!