Sunday, May 5, 2013

Good Intentions by Elliot Kay

I don't typically do book reviews here, but this isn't your typical book.

For me, this book was entirely a happy accident.  One of Elliot Kay's other books popped up in my Amazon recommended lists, I read the reviews which were extremely positive, so I bought Poor Man's Flight and Good Intentions.  I knew next to nothing about these books but I needed some new reading material, the books were cheap, and the reviews were good.

I decided to read Good Intentions first, based on the book description which was intriguing:

"He knew it was a dumb stunt when he thought of it. Consigned to the doldrums of community college, though, Alex Carlisle figures he has nothing to lose. A midnight run through a cemetery to impress a couple of girls is hardly the stuff of legend, but Alex is desperate to push back against the crushing mediocrity of life after high school.

Then he stumbles upon the ritual, and the cultists, and two bound and bloodied women. Alex intervenes, but when the ritual blows up in his face, he finds himself mystically bonded to them both: Rachel and Lorelei, an angel and a succubus. Amused by this twist of fate, Rachel leaves Alex to adjust to life with a demon seductress at his side. It’s hardly the sort of challenge a guy can face with dignity when he still lives at home with his mom."

Then the first part of the novel was a disclaimer which mentions explicit sex scenes and various other humorous and questionable activities.  Ok, whatever.

Then, a couple chapters in, I hit the first of many, many graphic sex scenes in the book.  Holy shit.

Yeah, little did I know that Elliot Kay is fairly well known in certain circles for his erotic fiction.  This book has some seriously steamy, creative, and well written sex scenes.

Now, I'm not normally into erotic fiction, it's too... girly?  I think that's a fairly accurate term in this context.  More erotica is written by women, for women, and the style just doesn't spark my interest.  This book is a totally different animal though, it appeals to just about every male fantasy I think I've ever had and created a few new ones.

Plus, not only is this an amazingly erotic book, the story is really good.  The characters are interesting, funny, and it's good a good plot.  You end up caring about the characters, which makes you give a shit when they start fucking.  I like this book so much that I can confidently say, you could skip the sex (I wouldn't recommend it and it would drastically shorten the novel) and it would still be a good read.  I was absolutely enthralled, hanging on every word, waiting on the next surprising sex scene or plot twist.

Seriously, this is a terrific book and it get's my highest recommendation.  Two thumbs up.


  1. Thank you for the positive feedback. I drew those "thumbs" and I think they are quite possibly the first "thumbs" I've ever drawn.