Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Night Out pt 1

I hate it when I wake up and I'm not sure if I did anything embarrassing the night before.  You try and run through the memories and find strange holes, half-remembered conversations... when you're not sure if the designated driver was laughing with you or at you.  Yeah, it was one of those mornings.

I spend very few evenings going out, I'm not really a bar or club kind of guy.  I'm not real big on large groups of people, I'd much rather hang out in a quiet place with a small group of friends.  But a close friend of mine was throwing a bit of a blowout his last weekend here before flying back home and he wanted to go out.  I probably still would have declined but a female coworker, Shelly, that I've liked for a while offered to DD for her boyfriend and me.

Shelly is a bit of an interesting story.  She actually worked for me at my last job before I changed firms.  She's straight forward, smart, attractive, and has a good sense of humor.  She's young but serious, very mature for her age, and definitely going places.  We always just clicked, like we'd known each other forever.  She's pretty awesome.

I'd have asked her out in a second if that wouldn't have been inappropriate on multiple levels.  I was her supervisor, her mentor, took her under my wing and taught her everything.  I got to watch this beautiful young woman go from being the awkward new girl to confident and in charge.  When I was down-sized she was moved up to take my place.  And I was technically still married when we met, which didn't make anything less complicated.

Then, by the time I was single and leaving the firm she'd already started to seriously date a coworker from another division.  They had even moved in together.  The odd part is that he's her complete opposite; over weight, lazy, unmotivated, and a party guy.  He's even been unemployed, living with her for the past six months.  Would living off her be the more accurate term?  It drove me a little nuts to wonder how in the hell he'd pulled off catching her.  And now, they're engaged.

It almost physically hurts me to see the two together.  It isn't quite "beauty and the beast" but it isn't that far off either.  His only redeeming factor is that he has a decent sense of humor and he's kind of fun in that party-guy/frat-boy way.

Normally, a night with them would probably be a headache but there were a bunch of us going and it was the last night here for Tom so I figured I could handle it.  And I thought the boyfriend would probably get busy drinking so I'd get to hang out with Shelly.  It's not like I was planning on stealing her away from her boyfriend, but maybe a little bit of flirting would be fun.

And I had a Designated Driver, so I could actually have some fun without worrying about how I was getting home.  Shelly volunteered to be the DD.  So, I faced the fundamental question that has faced all men since the invention of alcohol, am I as suave as I think I am when drinking?  Because she was going to be smart, sober, and she's got a good BS detector.

Stay tuned for part 2...

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