Monday, August 5, 2013

Shelly's Leaving

I haven't been writing much because there hasn't been much to write about and I've been busy with a couple school classes.  Today is kind of a sad day though, and not having anyone else to confess it to I figured I would put some thoughts into words.

I've written about Shelly once or twice on this blog.  I was a supervisor at my last firm and she came in under me.  Right away I could tell that she was smart, driven, confident, and would go places.  She was so unlike the average worker that I immediately took her under my wing.  That probably irritated some of the guys who worked for me, but she deserved the attention and thrived under it.  She quickly learned the ropes and took over for me when I left the firm.

She is also an incredibly attractive woman, mentally and physically, a pretty dynamic combination.  She's significantly younger than me, and worked under me, so I never made any moves on her.  By the time I left the firm she was already in a serious relationship and I'd missed the opportunity.

Whether or not there was any romantic possibilities, Shelly and I got close over the years.  We spent a lot of time together, we talked all the time, she's good people.

Well, her contract at the firm is up this summer.  She was offered the chance to renew but declined since her fiance wants to move closer to home.  This weekend was their going away party.

A bunch of us sat around, drinking a few beers, and told work stories.  It was a nice day.

At the end, I got a hug, and said goodbye to Shelly, not sure if I'll ever see her again.  It made me realize that I need to put more effort into maintaining my relationships.  All these people I know have left, all the close friends that I've lost over the years, and the new ones seem to pale in comparison.  No wonder that I feel so lonely late at night.  I don't fight for those friends, I just kind of let them slip away into the ether.  Other than a facebook update every once and a while, I don't maintain any contact with most of them.

There are all these amazing people that I know and putting some time and effort into those relationships should be a priority for me.  I should also put more effort into the people that are still here.

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