Friday, November 22, 2013

Classmate is stupid

So, I'm taking the online class in Marine Biology.  No big deal, it fills a science credit and gets me some credits.  One of the things that we have to do for class is read articles related to the weekly topic, post a review/opinion in the class forum, then respond to other student's posts.  Again, no big deal, I'm an excellent BS artist so it's be ridiculously easy.

That is, it wasn't a big deal until last week.  One of the women in our class posted a response to an article on global warming, talking about how there was absolutely no evidence for global warming and it was all just part of the liberal agenda.

My first response was to call her a stupid, ignorant redneck.  I managed to repress that urge.  It was just one post, her opinion, whatever.

My second response was one of grudging admiration.  I mean, I totally disagree with her, but you have to admire someone who is willing to publicly stand up and question things that most of society takes for granted.  And to a degree she was right, the particular article that we were reviewing didn't have much specific evidence.  I don't agree, but I find your ideas intriguing and wish to subscribe to your newsletter (yes, that's a Simpsons reference, I'm showing my age again).

Ok, I respectfully disagree with her.

Then, this week I was going through the forums and responding to the other students when I come across her post.  This week we were doing a review of marine sanctuaries.  I click on her post and the first line confuses me, "This article did not have any evidence to support the claims of global warming, they just blindly support the liberal agenda."

WTF?  I had to double check, I thought I clicked on last week's post.  Nope, it was the right one.  It was confusing because the article we were reviewing only mentioned global warming very briefly, it was almost entirely about other environmental dangers that were threatening animals in protected sanctuaries.  Mostly plastics and chemicals.

I'm all for questions, as Pluto says, "The unexamined life is not worth living for a human being."

Is it Pluto or Plato?  No, actually it's Socrates.  That dude was all about questioning everything and even died for his principles.

Damnit school!!  I wasn't supposed to retain any of that!

Ok, chick, now we have a problem.  It's one thing to question popular opinion in context, at the right time and place, but bringing it up when it isn't applicable says you aren't asking a question so much as making a statement.  And your statement is stupid.

Anyway, so chick from class is bringing up "global warming is wrong" and "liberal agenda" in every post she puts up.  That is a long way from questioning the established opinions and moves into it's own category of crazy-psycho-right-wing-nutcase.  Any respect I had for her was completely lost.

So, what is a Johnny Id to do?  Well, if it was on a public forum I probably would have pulled up some statistics jiu-jitsu, worked my words, and ended with a big "fuck you, you crazy-psycho-right-wing-nutcase", but this was a class forum, moderated by the teacher.

Instead, I posted a politically correct response that basically said "There are a lot of smart people who have a lot of scientific evidence for global warming.  You don't believe that evidence, ok, but what does that change?  The people who believe in global warming are saying that we need to take better care of the earth.  Whether you believe in the evidence or not, what's wrong with taking better care of the earth?"

She didn't have a response to that.

I'm going to call that a moral victory, and keep it there.  Of course, if she puts up something similar next week, I might not be able to resist putting up something a little less PC.  We'll see.

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