Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Book Review: Natural Consequences by Elliot Kay

I don't do book reviews on here very often.  While I read a lot, often two or three books a week, they are usually cheesy action, science fiction, or fantasy novels that I like purely for their escapist nature.  I don't typically read erotic novels because I haven't found many that interest to me.  Especially since most erotic novels are written by women, for women, and just don't appeal to me:

The Prince, now totally smitten with the washer woman, jumped from his steed into the mud and offered to carry her basket, ignoring the open-mouthed stares of his men-at-arms.

Fuck that noise.  In fact, the only book review I've done here was on Good Intentions, Elliot Kay's first book.

I'd heard good things about Elliot Kay's sci-fi book Poor Man's Flight and I was getting ready for a few weeks out of town, so I bought it for my kindle and added Good Intentions when it came up because it seemed interesting too.  I had no clue that it was an erotic novel until twenty pages or so in and I got to the first graphic scene.

Elliot Kay is a fantastic story teller.  He broke the mold, absolutely proved my opinion of erotic fiction was wrong (at least in some cases).

Good Intentions is a story about an average guy that ends up bonded to an Angel and a Succubus, has a ton of adventures, and has a lot of sex.  The story is awesome, the characters are very well written, it's clever, and very funny.  On top of all that it's full of hot sex scenes.  How can you go wrong with that?

It's like watching a badass movie but instead of cutting away from the sex scenes it shows every detail, then goes back to the rest of the badass movie.  It's awesome.

Natural Consequences is the sequel to Good Intentions and it absolutely does not disappoint.  It's the same characters in a new story, with new twists, lots of action and lots of sex.  And again, it's extremely well written, funny, sexy, and has edge-of-your-seat thrills.

I said in my first review of Good Intentions that you could skip the sex scenes and it would still be an awesome book (though you would be missing out, big time).  The same is definitely true of Natural Consequences.

I'm very critical about what I read and recommend, there really isn't a lot that impresses me enough to suggest it, but I really cannot say enough good things about these books.  Elliot Kay is a very talented writer and brings those serious skills into these novels.

Seriously, check them out.  They have Johnny Id's approval, two big thumbs up!

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