Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Euro-trip Day 4 - Cat +2

I'll admit there isn't anything particularly sexy or entertaining about this post.  Cat, her new husband, our daughter, and their daughter have been doing a lot of traveling this past year.  The new husband's work has them moving frequently, which is kind of sucky.  We all have decent relationships with each other, we work well together to spend time with each other.  For example, they were living a few states away and were getting ready to move again (even further away) so I was trying to get over there before the next move, Cat was out of town that week, so I flew in and stayed with her husband and the kids.

Yes, we get along that well.  Even without Cat around to referee, the ex husband and current husband could spend four days together without any issues.  I got to hang out with my kid, him, and their kid (I helped raise her the first year or so, and she's my daughter's sister, so there's some attachment there).  We were all willing to put any weirdness aside so I would get some time with them.

This time, we all managed to be in Europe at the same time.  We were a few countries away from each other but Cat hopped on a flight with the two kids (hubby couldn't get out of work) to come over for a few days.  Now, most husbands wouldn't be particularly excited about their wife flying a few thousand miles to hang out with her ex for a few days, but somehow we've all reached this happy medium where we can manage this.

I couldn't get any time off work while they were there, but I cut down on my hours so we could hang out.  We did some sight seeing, ate at some really good restaurants, and kept trying to tell the kids that this was a really amazing experience.  We were driving past buildings that were thousands of years old and we could barely get our daughter to glance up from her freaking iPad.  Kids.  Of course, when I was her age my parents were probably trying just as hard to get me out of whatever book my nose was buried in.

It was fun getting to spend time with the three of them in Europe.  All the various trips I've been on have been through the military or work, never family, which made this pretty unique.  And I have to admit that Cat looked particularly fantastic.  She's a hard-core fitness instructor and has been working a lot, so she's in excellent shape.  I definitely noticed, though it wasn't worth screwing up our familial understandings to do anything more than just notice.

Everyone had a good time, lots of good experiences and lots of pictures taken.  I would share them but that isn't really my thing.  At least not here.

A few quiet days to break the doldrums of work, work that has turned out to be far more work and far less free time than predicted.

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