Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Euro-trip Day 6 - The Romance of Europe

Many Americans have this romantic notion of Europe, they picture candlelit dinners, fancy wines, or gondola rides.   "Oooh, one day I would looooove to go to Rome.  Or Paris.  Pretty much anywhere in Europe!"  I would like to note that pretty much all Americans with romantic notions of Europe have never actually been there.

Europe is pretty cool, but just like anywhere else if you've never been there you really don't know shit.

Now, I'm not saying that you should never visit Europe, quite far from it, I'm just saying that the romantic vision of Europe is complete bullshit.  Oh, they have plenty of candlelit dinners, fancy wines, and gondola rides.  There's also plenty of amazing historic sites to visit.  Lots of cool stuff in Europe.  But that's only one side of the coin.

There's also plenty of dirt and trash in the streets, body odor, people chatting on their phones, and everything else in get in cities around the world.  There's nothing unique about Europe other than a few of the sites, people are people wherever you are in the world.  You'll go to some famous site and see litter in the corner, graffiti in the bathrooms, and prostitutes, and beggars.  Half of the people there will hate you simply because you're American unless they're trying to sell you something, and talk about you behind your back in the local language.

You'll see assholes bitching at their girlfriends in the local language, douchebags in Jersey Shore attire, goths, idiots, racists, and pretty much everything else.  And you'll find all sorts of fancy and not-so-fancy "European" shops eager to see tourists and charge three times what they should simply because the shop is in Europe.  Tourists traps, you'll find them in every corner of the world, eager to separate people from their hard earned cash.  And prostitutes, a tourist trap of another sort.

If you go to Europe expecting that the people are more cultured, advanced, romantic, or better you might see a few flashes of it here and there but really people are the same wherever you go.  Mostly they're all dumb.  I've been all over the world and rather than being amazed at how different people around the world are I've been constantly reminded by how similar they are.  Yeah, the customs and fashions might be different but people are still people.  For better or worse.

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