Friday, April 11, 2014

Phone Sex

For many, many years I had no interest in phone sex.  I'd tried it a couple times when I was younger, but it just seemed like this really pale comparison to the real thing.  Mutual masturbation over the phone, it was just weak.  Half the time it would have been better to just to use my imagination instead of stroking myself while simultaneously trying to think of sexy things to say.

Recently, that feeling has totally changed.

I "met" this really awesome woman on an online writing workshop we were both doing.  We started exchanging emails, doing some chatting, and eventually were calling each other.  All of this was pretty flirty, we'd even sent each other some dirty pictures.

One night, there is a suggestion made that we have some fun on the phone.  With my history, with the opinion that phone sex is far less rewarding than real sex, I was slightly hesitant with this.  I mean, it was better than nothing, but not even close to as much fun as the real thing.

So, I call her.  We start off with some day-to-day chit chat and eventually work around to talking about sex.  What I would do if I were there.

This is when something interesting happens.  Through the phone I can hear her breath start to quicken.  I talk about slowly unbuttoning her shirt, kissing her all down her front as the cloth pulls away from her skin.  She lets out a small moan.  I talk about sliding off her pants, playing with her panties with my tongue.  Her breath gets even faster, her moans get louder and more frequent.  Slowly sliding off her panties, rubbing and kissing her legs.  I kiss her up and down her thighs, each time spending a little bit longer on her clit before moving to the other thigh.

As this talk continues, I can hear how her body is reacting to my words.  Every time I talk about licking between her legs, kissing her nipples, I can hear her response through the phone.  The little gasps, her breathing, her moans in my ear.  A whimper.

I talk about moving up, kissing her hard.  Then ever so slowly pushing into her, while still kissing her.  Slowly sliding in and out.  Slowly increasing our speed, deeper, faster, harder.

The sounds of her in my ear were intoxicating, her body hanging on every word.

With words, I talk her through a powerful, vocal orgasm.  Even afterwards, I can hear her gasping for breath.  Those tremors still echoing through her body.  It was fantastic and arousing as hell.

I did all of that with just words.  Just talking.  I talked to this woman on the phone, worked her body from head to toe and made her cum.

How amazing is that?

I absolutely love going down on a woman, feeling her muscles react to my touch, finding all those tiny spots that make her squirm.  Feeling the small contractions just before she cums.

If I had been there in person, head buried between her legs, I would have felt a rush from her reactions.  Making her body squirm and twitch, giving her this amazing pleasure at my touch.  On the phone, all of those little things that I love about a woman's physical reactions were still there, I might not feel them but I could hear them.

Part of what I love about going down on a woman is that she had made herself vulnerable to me, given me control, given me permission to explore her body in the most intimate of ways.  In person, this is fantastically arousing, and I love that I can provide that much pleasure.  On the phone, it was almost exactly the same.  My ghostly fingers, lips, and hands traveled through the lines to dance across her skin.  These slight, tender, almost tentative touches tracing small patterns on her body, teasing and intimate.  Bringing her pleasure, and being rewarded by the sounds evoked by the words and images.

When I was younger I was really preoccupied by the physical act of sex, as I think most of us were.  It was about what I could get from her, rather than what I could give her.  As I got older I began to appreciate the feeling that I could get by giving her physical pleasure instead of worrying about mine.  As I continue to get older I appreciate more and more the mental aspects of sex.  And bringing this special woman this physical pleasure without even being in the same room is intensely, mentally erotic to me.

Every time I think I know something I end up having to reevaluate.  This time, I'm really glad that I was wrong and look forward to finding more ways to explore the non-physical aspects of sex.

And if that includes more sex over the phone, I'm totally good with that.

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