Monday, April 7, 2014


I tend to fall in love with just about every beautiful woman I see.  I mean, I probably fall in love half a dozen times a day, every time I see an attractive woman.

But it's not just a physical attraction, not just the ones with great bodies, it's the ones that have a twinkle in their eye, or a good sense of style, or have a nice laugh, or seem confident and comfortable in their own skin.  It's not lust, I mean I see her and have this almost overwhelming urge to really know her.  She's this beautiful puzzle that I want to solve.  What makes her tick?  These women are like snow flakes, each unique, beautiful in their own way.  What are her dreams?  What makes her smile?  I want to crawl inside her head, learn everything about her, spend days on her favorite erogenous zones that make her writhe.  Then, spend hours searching her body for erogenous zones that she hadn't even discovered yet.

For a brief flash I imagine the two of us years down the road, a comfortable couple, as at ease with each other's body as with our own.  Sharing everything.  Then, if she's a particularly good match, maybe we're an old couple sitting together on the porch swing watching the neighborhood kids play.

Well, when that random chick walks by and I feel the flutter there's a quote that I like to think of:

"No matter how hot she is, somewhere out there is a guy who's sick and tired of putting up with her shit."

Not sure who said it, but it helps put things into a little perspective.

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