Saturday, May 24, 2014

Julie Fucks Me

Julie is an amazing woman.  I’ve written about her a few times now because she is just so much fun.  We’ve had phone sex, funny conversations, and she’s even influenced the many Art of Seduction posts I’ve done.  She’s just amazing.
The thing about Julie is that she keeps up with me.  That might sound odd, but we play well together, we have excellent banter.  It’s been such a long time since I’ve had anyone that was smart, got my humor, appreciated it, and throws it right back at me.  We live so far away from each other, all we have is the communication to go off of, but it amazes me that we click so well and we’ve never met.
Julie fucks
I’ve seduced her a couple of times over phone, chat, and text.  I get her so worked up and then play with her in words, make her cum.  Seducing women is my bread and butter, that’s my zone, my art, it’s what I do.  A woman’s gasping moans are like a symphony to my ears; I’m the conductor, my words or my body bringing rhythm and melody to the different instruments, bringing them to a crescendo.
It’s not often that I’m seduced.  Usually I’m the conductor, I’ll play back and forth but I’m always very in control of myself.  Julie has managed to take that control away on a couple of occasions.  That’s quite a feat in and of itself.
One time, she sent me a couple of really sexy photos.  The kind of photos that I love; hips, the curve of her thigh, a finger under the edge of her panties.  Graphic photos are fun, but the kind that get me really worked up are sexy but leave something to the imagination, the teasing is the potential, the anticipation that leaves you wanting more.
We were chatting at the time and I told her that I was having a hard time forming thoughts.  I had the photos pulled up on one half of my screen, the chat window on the other half, and between the two I couldn’t concentrate on anything other than my own raging arousal.  She immediately picked up on it and started playing me the same way I’ve played her.
Using chat, she talked me through our first face-to-face encounter.  She described making out in the entryway to the motel room, putting her up against a wall, taking off her shirt and kissing all down her front.
Between the photos and her words, there was no way I could have formed a coherent thought.  The only way for me to have regained control of myself would have been to shut off the computer and take a cold shower, but that wasn’t going to happen.  All of my prided self control was lost.  So, I just sat back, one hand on the computer, one hand stroking myself, and let her have her way with me.
I look at the picture of her thighs and the corner of her panties, then I read about her throwing her leg over my shoulder and me eating her out up against the motel wall.  Her legs clamping around my head as she cums.  Oh, my god.
She described me throwing her on the bed, fucking her until she cums two more times.  Making out with me deep inside of her.  Then we roll over and she’s riding me, sliding up and down on my cock.  She kept going and going, teasing and prompting me with her words.  Legs and sweat, riding and cumming.  Fuck me.
Then doggie style, pulling her hair, until I couldn’t control myself any longer, pinned her body tight against mine and came inside of her.  And I came.  I did.
There I was, gasping on my bed, sweaty, cum all over myself, computer balanced on one knee (miraculously unstained).
Holy shit.
I mean, holy shit.
This woman just fucked my brains out.
I couldn’t even start to form a complete sentence.  And she’s half a world away.  Holy shit.
This is a really new situation for me.  I’m used to being in control of myself and playing with my partner, I don’t lose control.  Julie just blows past my defenses, leaving me totally vulnerable, and takes complete advantage of me.  And I’m enjoying every moment of it.
Hopefully Julie and I will meet up sometime soon, otherwise the anticipation just might kill me.

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