Monday, June 30, 2014

Ann pt 3

Ann pt 1 - Ann pt 2 - Ann St Vincent and I live thousands of miles apart.  Until Ann and I met, we were writing about each other using pseudonyms, Ann’s was Julie.  Then, we flew to a central location and spent five days together.
Each day went pretty much the same. Sex, breakfast, sex, nap, more sex, dinner, sex, then sleep. I’d wake up a couple hours later, write or draw for a while, and then go back to sleep. Ann would let me sleep in a little bit, then we’d look at the half-asleep drawings/writings I’d done the night before. Then sex, then breakfast, etc.  For the most part, we were naked almost the entire five days.
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Each day, we’d talk about getting out of the hotel and actually doing something. We were in a nice place, lots of things to do, and yet we spent day after day in the hotel room. Not that we were complaining, but why not see what we were like outside the hotel room too? Maybe with some clothes on? Maybe?
The first few days we went down the block for a late-lunch/early-dinner, then walked down to the park and sat in the sun talking. Then back to the hotel room for more sex and sleep.
It took us three full days on that routine and a final push to actually get out of the hotel for more than a couple hours. We went downtown to a famous attraction with rides, restaurants, and lots of sun. We walked around, hand in hand, and explored. We rode a few rides together, ate at a nice Mexican restaurant, and walked around the booths.
I saw a building that looked oddly familiar and realized that it might be the building from one of my favorite cheesy horror movies.  Ann had never seen it, so she didn’t know, which I didn’t find all that surprising.
She bought a cowboy hat, which looked awesome on her.  There was a blue stone set in the band that matched her eyes.
I’m not going to say that being in public was more fun than being naked in bed together, but it was as close as non-nude fun can be.  We still had the natural chemistry, the playful banter, and each sway of her hips and twinkle in her eye were the promises of what would come when we got back to the room.
The night was the only one where we didn’t go out for dinner.  We phoned in an order for the Chinese restaurant next door.  Ten minutes, they said.  Oh, what to do for ten minutes?
I was fully dressed, ready to go pick up the meal.  Ann was sitting up in bed, leaning against the headboard, clad only in purple panties.
I pushed her thighs out to the side and sat between her legs. I pressed both hands into the inside of her thighs, just outside her panty line.  Very gently, I rubbed my thumb over her panties.
Through the fabric I could feel her lips.  I started gently stroking my thumb all the way down and then all the way back up again.
I sat there between her legs, watching her body respond to my touch.  Watched her breath catching in her throat when I was pressing over her clit, watching her hips twitch and twist.  Watched her breasts swell with each breath, her nipples hard in the cool air, her eyes closes as she focused on the physical sensations.  It was mesmerizing.
Then I pushed a little harder, stroked my thumb a little faster.
We continued like this for several minutes until she came.  I sat there watching her, hands motionless but still pressed into her body, as she slowly came down.  Her breathing slowly came back to normal.
We grinned at each other, then I stood up and went out to pick up our order.
When I came back with the Chinese food, I sat on the bed with my laptop.  I looked up the cheesy horror movie to see if the building we saw earlier was the same one from the film.  It was.  We ended up watching the entire movie together while eating.  Though Ann doesn’t share my fondness for bad movies, she sat through it with wonderful aplomb.  I might not have converted her to the dark side of movie watching, but I was impressed that she made the effort with a smile.
The next morning I discovered a little note from Ann.  There was a notepad by the bed, I was using it to do drawings and keep little notes about our weekend.  I wanted to write down the little details that my memory might lose in the future.  At the bottom of the list she had added a note of her own, “The best way ever to wait for Chinese takeout.”

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