Saturday, June 7, 2014

Cheesy Oversimplified Lists

Maybe I’m the only one, but do any of you guys ever get tired of the stupid dating/relationship lists that get posted every day?  “Seven things men wish women knew”, “10 things that can ruin your relationship”, “10 sex tips to spice up your love life”.
Personally, I hate, hate generalizations (irony, anyone?).  How is it possible to cover every eventuality, every relationship, every man/woman, in a single statement?  Anytime someone writes or says something that’s supposed to encompass the whole range of life experience and personalities my first reaction is to throw the “BULLSHIT!” flag.  You’re going to summarize all relationships down into 5 simple list items?  BULLSHIT!
This reaction of mine means that whenever I check recent posts on WordPress I have to stretch out my throwing arm and keep the “BULLSHIT!” flags within easy reach.
7 things men wish women knew?
Bullshit flag
10 things that can ruin your relationship?
Bullshit flag
10 women want in the bedroom?
Bullshit flag
5 things that…
Bullshit flag
These are all generalizations.  When a writer says “7 Things Men Wish Women Knew” they’re saying that all men wish all women knew those things.  What’s so retarded about that is it assumes all men want the same things and that all women are retarded and don’t know those things.  It implies that the post is the magic, silver bullet for solving the issues in the gender dynamics.  That’s bullshit.
The only reason they generalize is because the honest title, “7 things that some men wish that some women knew” is going to get less clicks or generate less money.  Yeah, “50 sex tips that might get your man going” on the cover of a woman’s magazine isn’t going to sell real well.
Maybe there are some tips in those posts or articles that will actually help some people, but they are such a generalization that it bugs me out.  And most of the shit on those lists are so common sense that they shouldn’t surprise anyone.
Dudes don’t like it when you nag at them?  Really?  No shit.
Chicks don’t like it when you run out the door as soon as you finish?  Really?  No shit.
The key to a good relationship is spending time together?  Are you fucking kidding me?  Really?  I thought the keys to a good relationship were constantly ignoring each other and dating other people on the sly.
So, am I the only one who hate these generalized lists?  Or are there other people out there will “BULLSHIT!” flags?

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